President Truman

I ran across a phrase that perfectly sums up the “Biden” administration.

The Truman Show presidency continued on Wednesday, as President Biden gave an address before a fake set on raising the debt ceiling and other aspects of the White House’s legislative agenda.

The column is about Green Screen Joe using that fake Oval Office set again.

I can’t help but wonder why they need to use a set mimicking the Oval Office when they have a perfectly good real, where HoloJoe is actually supposed to be anyway.

My sister, who’s had quite a bit of experience with patients in cognitive decline, noted the other day that moving the senile old man between the real office and the fake has to be confusing him. So maybe they aren’t.

Do they even let Biden into the real White House anymore? Has a reliable source — as opposed to the complicit media that played along with the green screen incident — photographed Biden in the White House recently? Is Biden so disoriented by trying to deal with complex reality that they have to use a set where they can “carefully”* control his surroundings and fake the scene as needed?

They won’t let Biden give unscripted interviews anymore. He’s not allowed to take questions that weren’t prescreened. He’s given lists of which reporters he’s allowed to call on. Of course, that’s because he can’t rationally discuss stuff he’s never even heard about. You know, little stuff like a major ally recalling its ambassador in anger over the US shafting them, and handing out nuclear technology.

Ah, well. He could be 25th’d, but the succession options all suck, too.

* “Carefully.” People caught on to the set because the theatrical techs couldn’t even get the views from the “windows” right. And the views change. I fully expect the window tech to screw up soon, and accidentally stream the porn he’s likely watching on the clock.

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