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2A advocate, writer, firearms policy & law analyst, general observer of pre-apocalyptic American life.

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(Does not translate well into formal Latin; suggested improvements welcome.)

The personal site of Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger; former lots of things:

  • Air Force
  • Peace Officer
  • Telecommunitions Tech
  • Magazine Editor
  • Novelist
  • Security Officer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Whatever other oddball job would pay

Currently, I am a firearms policy and law analyst, writer, blogger, and web site administrator.

You can see my work at:

I'll gradually be transferring some material from the old blog to here; namely the Remedial Practical Civics series and my free ebooks. For those interested, I'm also planning to compile, revise, and expand the Civics series into an ebook suitable for home study; the language will be toned down to no worse than PG13.

For offers of paying gigs, opinion or info sharing, or to just tell me I'm full of it, you can contact me at bear[you know the drill]bussjaeger[period]us.

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