Once upon a time…

I wanted to write science fiction. In fact, I wrote a fair bit of it over the years. The lack of sales forced me to admit that I’m not that good. Even so, when I had the books available as free downloads a few years ago, I was seeing a couple thousand downloads a month. I was hit with extra bandwidth charges by my service provider which I was hard pressed to pay. I shut that site down.

I’ve had polite inquiries about my books, so I decided to make them available once more. Enjoy them, and consider showing your appreciation with a buck or two in my tip jar

Thank you.

Net Assets
Prometheus Award nominee, 2003
What would you do for cheap space access? For anyone?
What would the government do to stop it?
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Bargaining Position
Sequel to Net Assets: yet another first contact novel.
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The Anarchy Belt and more stories
A collection of a couple dozen short stories, about half in the NA/BP universe.
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A Little Pussy
Short story intended to bridge Bargaining Position and the third (unfinished) novel in the series.
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Just to be different, I’ve written on subjects other than SF. Here’s a craft-type article I wrote a few years ago.
Period Inks and Pigments from the Modern Kitchen
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