Voting Via Text Message?

Lying Articial Stupidity chatbots strike again.

Popular chatbots generating false election information could mislead voters
New research shows artificial intelligence chatbots are producing highly inaccurate and misleading election information, sparking concerns from experts about how the AI-generated information could deter voters from hitting the polls ahead of the 2024 elections.
More concerning, the AI model, Meta’s Llama 2, responded to one of the questions saying that California voters could vote via text message, though no U.S. state has adopted such policies.

You know, Douglass Mackey was sentenced to seven months in prison for just that.

TZP Column: A Vote of No-Confidence In SCOTUS

So much stupid.

This Is Why My Confidence In The Courts Is Bottoming Out
The Supreme Court today heard oral arguments in Cargill v. Garland, the challenge to Trump’s (yeah, he still owns it) bump-stock ban.

Now, it’s true that we still have Clarence Thomas, who is intelligent and willing to study facts at issue. But we also have Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

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TZP Column: Stand Your Ground and Use Of Force

Idiot attorneys think the KC parade shooters can use a Stand Your Ground defense.

Ah… No.

That’s Not How Stand Your Ground Works
Understanding use of force law is pretty important if you’re going to carry a gun, whether lawfully or unlawfully. And we’ve identified another attorney you really don’t to defend you in court because defense attorneys should know that, too.

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TZP Column: Uvalde Schooting Investigation Cover-Up?

It turns out that…

Uvalde Cops CAN Act Quickly
You just have to find the right motivator.

You may recall the 2022 school shooting at Robb Elementary, in Uvalde, Texas. If not, here’s a synopsis.

– Police observed a scumbag actively shooting at people near the school.
– Rather than do something about it, the officer radioed in for permission to act.
– By that time, the shooter made it into the school.
– Police — hundreds — responded to the scene, but did not engage the killer.
– The killer spent a great deal of time in a classroom shooting 40 people; students and teachers.
– One officer attempted to enter the classroom. Other officers forcibly stopped him.
– After 77 minutes, the police finally went in.

The end result was 19 dead children and two dead adult victims.

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That Isn’t How You Alpha, Son


Nashville Punk Band Boots Singer After He Allegedly Doses His Bandmate With Estrogen So He Could Steal His Girlfriend
“We have decided to part ways with our vocalist Diego due to admission of very disturbing and concerning behavior towards one of our band members and their partner,” the band, Llorona, wrote on Instagram. However, the post appears to have been deleted.

“He has been attempting to force a transition onto him for the last 5 months, in hopes that would give him the opportunity to ‘swoop in’ once he looked stronger and more manly in comparison.

Apparently just working on his own personal manliness, maybe upping his own testosterone, wasn’t doable.

Terminal Stupidity In Tennessee

I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore. Two idiot politicians, Senator Paul Rose and Representative Ron Gant, filed bills to ban the retail sale of cold beer. I saw a couple of articles about this and had the impression it was store sales for off-site consumption. But…

“Notwithstanding another law to the contrary, a person or entity holding a beer permit issued under this chapter shall not sell refrigerated or cold beer at retail.”

That “chapter” covers permits for both off- and on-site consumption. No cold beer in bars.

The bills aren’t going anywhere. In fact, it looks like the sponsors of the house bill have all been “withdrawn.” Hopefully the voters of those districts will toss these clowns just for being stupid enough to try this.

It Could Happen To You

Let’s say you want to take out a home equity loan.

You get your house appraised at $350,000, and submit that to the bank in your loan application. But the bank does its due diligence and has its own appraisal done, which comes in at $295,000. They bank offers you loan at that valuation. You take it.

A few years later you’ve paid off the loan. You got whatever it was you needed that loan for, the bank got its money back plus a profit. Everyone’s happy, right?

Ah, but for some reason you’ve earned the ire of your local prosecutor. Could be you’re a local gadfly who annoyed the county commissioners with FOIA requests about a dubious “development project” that never happened, but funneled off millions of dollars into someone’s pocket(s). Maybe you’re just rich, and they want your money without passing new tax legislation.

So the DA subpoenas bank records. He sees that you “fraudulently” claimed your house was worth more than he thinks it should be. He files fraud charges against you.

It goes to court. Before the actual trial phase begins — before any evidence is entered or witnesses testify — the judge simply declares that your house is only worth $35,000, and that you did commit fraud. Now the trial proceeds, with you pre-convicted.

The bank’s confused loan officer testifies that doing their own appraisal and basing the loan on that is normal. He testifies that the bank made money and is happy.

But the judge — you weren’t allowed a jury trial, after all — convicts you, based on his own unsupported estimate of your house’s worth; a mere tenth of what everyone in the home loan business says it’s worth.

And he fines you $350,000.

That could never happen, right? Wrong. That is exactly what New York did to Trump, albeit on a grander scale.

But you’re safe, right? You aren’t some major(ly) divisive public figure, or running a yuuge corporation.

But maybe you run a gun store in an anti-gun state… like New York. And you once took out a business loan. And paid it off. Well, well, well… there’s a way for an anti-gun DA to shut you down without any any pesky 2A challenges that Associate Justice Thomas might find to be appropriate. Store closed, you prohibited from ever doing business in the state again. And one happy anti-gun DA.

Or perhaps your pretty property was adjacent to a county park that they’d like to expand. Eminent domain proceedings can get so messy, and the county would have to pay you something for your land. But wave the magical loan fraud wand, and they get the property and your money, easy peasy.

If you live in New York state, and the Engoron precedent stands, get out! No one is safe.

Oh, you think you are, because you haven’t taken out any loans?

Got a credit card? I haven’t looked at a credit card application in years, but they used to ask your annual income. You didn’t round up to neat round number, did you? Say $50,000 instead of $49,538. Fraud. If you annoyed the wrong people. Maybe you didn’t use some whackjob’s correct pronouns, and must be destroyed.

Get. Out.

Brilliant Ideas In Geoengineering

By “brilliant,” I mean stupid. The only good part of this is that they’ll do it off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

Scientists Look To Fight Climate Change By Dumping 6,000 Gallons Of Chemicals Into Ocean Near Martha’s Vineyard
The project would see researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) pour approximately 6,000 gallons of sodium hydroxide — a component of lye — into waters ten miles away from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in August 2024, according to the WSJ.
The underlying concept is to see if the basic sodium hydroxide can reduce the acidity of ocean waters and make those waters more efficient repositories of carbon dioxide, according to the WSJ.

I think warming the water would affect absorbency far more than changing the pH. What I do expect is a massive fish kill.

Hopefully all those dead fish will wash ashore at Martha’s Vineyard.

And yes, your tax dollars are paying for this idiocy.

[Updated] Believe It Or Not…

…this was even stupider than the video looks. It’s a police shooting. You really need to watch it, and remember that only the police should trusted with guns.

Better yet, this is even a “Florida Man” story.

After you’ve watched this exercise in imbecility, read the investigation report.
He was responding to…

…an acorn.

Supposedly Deputy (now ex-) Hernandez was a West Point graduate, and infantry and special officer for ten years.

Yet somehow never saw direct combat despite two tours in Afghanistan. I guessing he was a complete screw-up and they kept him behind the wire doing admin shit, rather than endangering his troops by going out on patrols with them.

Added: Despite Deputy Dipstick dumping a mag into his car, and the sergeant also firing…

The “suspect” was not hit with even a single round.

0:00.033 – Acorn comes into frame.

UPDATE: And just like that, the lamestream media forgets yesterday’s Texas mega-church shooting.

The shooter has been identified as a drug-using, trans, pro-Palestinian immigrant from El Salvador. And apparently a convicted felon, based on charges from her previous arrests.

I suppose they’re all holding their breath and crossing their fingers that she at least used an “AR-15.”

Updated: For those still believing that the shooter was a biological male, and that I’m “validating” the delusion by calling her “her” and “she”…

Boy who was shot at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church ‘suffered a gunshot wound to the brain’: grandmother
The 7-year-old boy who was shot when his mother Gennese Moreno attempted to shoot up Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church on Sunday has suffered critical injuries, his grandmother said.
Moreno argued that the father was a registered sex offender, had multiple DWI charges, had physically assaulted her, and had never cared for the child.

The father is in prison.

So, by calling her “she” I’m actually refusing to indulge the crazy.

I think folks thought she was a guy because some reports said she used to go by “Jeffrey,” so they assumed that was a “trans-woman’s” “dead name.”