Ottawa Shrinks Will Be Doing Booming Business

Poor, little traumatized Ottawa weenies are suffering from “phantom honks.

The trucks have since been removed, with police pushing the majority of protesters outside of the downtown core over the Family Day long weekend. Even still, some downtown residents say they’re haunted by “phantom honking” — what sounds like blaring truck horns, but no actual sounds are there.

I’ve seen a few of these reports.Mostly, they imply, or let the complainers imply, that they’re suffering from something like post-traumatic stress disorder, from the horrors of honking and bouncy houses.

Not so much. I’d buy PTSD if they were simply being… pardon my use of the word, but it fits here… triggered by hearing real honks. I’d wonder about their prior mental condition if a few weeks of honking is all it takes to stress them to that level, but it could happen.

But these nutjobs admit they’re “hearing” honks that are not there. There’s a term for that: auditory hallucination, and a notable cause is schizophrenia. In this case, I’d rate that possibility as very high.

Letter To Rep. Buddy Carter [R-GA]: Ukraine

Got a newsletter from congresscritter expressing support for Ukraine. Since picking sides doesn’t make sense to me, I popped off a useless letter (ever since the incident where his staffer appeared to running an identity theft scam, his office doesn’t reply to me).

Dear Rep. Carter,

RE: Your most recent newsletter, “Pray for Ukraine”

You state that you support the Biden admin economic sanctions on Russia, and ask us to pray for Ukraine. But I have yet to hear a persuasive argument that America has a dog in this fight.

To my mind the leadership of neither country is particularly admirable. No one has explained how America benefits from Ukraine. Economic sanctions — especially restrictions on Russian gas/oil — would seem to damaging to our allies — especially Germany, reliant on Russia for alomst half its supply, and less directly to America.

Countries dependent on Ukrainian wheat might have an interest in protecting their food source, but America is not dependent on Ukrainian wheat, and the loss of Ukraine production (which seems inevitable, win or lose) potentially opens up markets for US wheat.

“Our” dog appears to be a NATO canine. Russia objects to the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO. Considering that, as the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia was promised that former Eastern bloc countries would not be allowed to join. This was desirable to Russia, because it wanted those states as a buffer between it and NATO.

NATO seems dead set on eliminating that buffer completely. One could easily imagine Putin wondering *why*.

American sentiment in the Russia/Ukraine conflict seems driven by 1) Russia bad, and 2) those valiant Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom.

Let them fight for their freedom… while Americans should be fighting against encroachments against our own, and securing our own border against the current invasion.

Until someone can articulate a rationale and valid reason for America to take sides, I think we have better, more important things to do.

The only Americans with a rational reason to be involved is the weapons industry producing things like Javelins, which the Ukrainians are reportedly using so well (Javelins are effective, so those reports might not be pure “Ghost of Kyiv” propaganda). But they could sell to both sides while the nation remains neutral. Lots of money in that.

Likewise, one might say that defending the sanctity of national borders is generally important, but Washington has demonstrated complete disdain for a border a little closer to home, so that argument is rather weak.

Historical Rationale For Invading Ukraine?

Not so fast.

Last week I saw a variety of columns more less praising Putin’s speech on his rationale for invading Ukraine (again). Generally, these weren’t so much support for Putin/Russia, as contrasting Putin’s knowledge of the past century of history versus senile Biden, whose puppeteers would probably object and ask about herstory.

But there’s a little bit of a problem with citing past historical possession or occupation to justify violating current boundaries: Whre do you draw the temporal line?

I ran across a meme that makes the point. Ace of Spades asks, “Who owns Moscow?”

Yep, as far back as the Eleventh Century, Kievan Rus controlled Moscow, most of the western portion of what we call “Russia.” We call it “Russia” because the Rus ruled it.

It you want to go back further, the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines all had a piece of the now-Ukrainian action at one time or another. Before that, Bulgars, Khazars, al the way back to the Gravettian culture.

Let’s go to the Rus. They seem to have been a collection of assorted people, but ended up ruled by “Rus” from Scandinavia, mostly Sweden. Does Sweden own Russia and Ukraine? Which Sweden, or other Scandinavian country? Borders were fluid, and rulers a matter of opinion and who had the locally concentrated power up until the 11th or 12th century.

This is a game everyone can play.

America. Controlled by the United States. But Native Americans — or whatever the heck woke term I’m supposed to use today — claim it’s theirs, and “we” stole it.

Depending on the tribe(s), who did they steal it from. There apprear to have multiple wave of colonization over thousands of years.

Of course, most of that seems to have come from Siberia. Since they got here first, does Siberia own America?

Whoa… Russia controls Siberia, Siberia owns America… Russia own America.

Is “historical (and prehistorical) precedent” stupid enough for you yet; or should I go on? Human history is colonization, conquest, mergers, and shifting borders.

But modern humans, Homo sapiens, weren’t here first. Much of Europe (and Ukraine specifically, to semi-stay on topic) was occupied by Neanderthals. H. sap. displaced them. But…

Depending on where you came from, modern humans tend to run 5-20% Neanderthal genes. Clearly got got pretty busy before we displaced them. Can the folks with the most Neanderthal DNA lay first — and current — claim to Europe? Specifically the Ukraine?

Now is arbitrary line-in-the-time-sands “historical precedent” stupid enough? Are you ready to accept that maybe, just maybe, current actions should be based on current borders…as internationally accepted?

Screw Putin’s “precedent.” He should just admit Russia is doing it because they think they can.

Penske Raises Censorship To A New Level

US Freedom Convoy Trucker Left Stranded After Penske Corporation Turns Off Power Remotely to His Rental Truck
Texas Trucker Jeff Sandberg was left stranded this week after Penske Corporation turned off the power remotely to his truck.

Sandberg was heading to Washington DC with the Freedom Convoy truckers.
Penske shut down his vehicle on the road and later released a statement on how the company does not support the freedom protests.

Bull. Shit. If you agree, and wish to share your thoughts with Penske, you can call them at 844-210-6887. They have online contact forms here

Dear Penske,

I am aware of your company remotely disabling a truck rented by Jeff Sandberg, solely because of his participation in the “People’s Convoy.” As a result, the next time I need to rent a truck, I absolutely will not consider your company.

Allow me to explain the fine points that you apparently missed.

Mr. Sandberg had a contract with you. You violated it.

You violated the contract solely because your company disagrees with a perfectly lawful, First Amendment protected activity. If you are hazy on that, here is the pertinent language:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Peaceably assemble to petition the government; that is exactly what these people, and Mr. Sandberg, are doing. The organizers have assured us they intend to avoid unlawful activities. Individuals participating have stated the same.

If I were silly enough to rent a truck from you, to move my hosehold, I might be at risk of stranding because I blog (1st Amendment) about government misconduct and overreach. I might be at risk if you believe I am transporting perfectly lawful, 2nd Amendment protected, defensive tools tof which maybe you also disapprove. If you so violated our contract, I would be out time and money. I cannot risk that. You cannot be trusted.

If you disapprove of Mr. Sandberg’s — or my theoretical — Constitutionally protected opnions, the time to express that was before you took Mr. Sandberg’s — or theoretically mine — money. You should have declined to enter into a contract, just as I now decline to enter into a contract with you.

Penske clearly has no respect for the Constitution or the law. Contract law, for instance.

I believe your actions may endanger lives. Imagine that I had been stupid enough to rent your truck, and as I drove down US 64 in New Mexico on a hot summer day, you killed my vehicle for wrongthink. Assuming the vehicle safely stops…

Do I have sufficient water to survive until someone comes along that lonely road and rescues me? Would my cell phone work, to call for help (probably, if your kill order made it through; depends on the system you use)?

What if I had small children with me?

I do hope Mr. Sandberg sues the bejeezus out of Penske for your unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, and dangerous vehicular censorship.


Carl Bussjaeger

On The Diabetes Front

So yesterday afternoon, my blood sugar was 145. High. Later that night, about two hours after dinner (2 bean burritos, spanish rice, salad), it was 130.

This morning a couple hours after a breakfast of sausage, turkey, and cheese (fairly normal for me)…


Didn’t expect that. That’s down into the normal range. No insulin.

I’ll continue to check twice a day. I already have a log book set up; something to take along when I go see an endocrinologist.

Well, Damn

I’ve been chasing down details that might explain the possible medical billing fraud. No that I know there’s a doctor affiliated with UF Health with a similar name to that Sound Physicians gave me, I went through my online medical records to see if he appears anywhere.

He does. Once. He ordered a magnesium blood screen. Five hundred bucks seems a little high for that, but maybe that’s it. But there’s another little issue.

While he ordered a magnesium screen, the lab did a full metabolic workup. As we scrolled (my retired RN sister was looking at this, too), another number jumped out.

Glucose: 142

Whoa. I’m diabetic? And no one at the hospital thought to mention that, or to prescribe anything?

My sister is diabetic, so she checked my blood sugar a few minutes ago.


Yep. I’m diabetic. And had no clue.

I’ll be going to a lab Monday to get another blood test to take to a doc.

I’ll have to make some diet changes. And no more evening nightcaps.

Medical Scam?

may or may not have another medical bill.

This month, I got a couple of text messages from a company I’d never heard telling me to pay a mystery bill online. I took them to be scam attempts.

But today, I received a paper bill from the same outfit. The only indication it might be legit is that it references my stay at UF Health, which — since I’ve blogged it — is hardly a secret. And what they’re billoing for


That’s allegedly treatment to get me to stop smoking. Never happened. Once a nurse overheard me talking to my roommate, and cigarettes were mentioned. She asked if I wanted a nicotine patch, which I declined.


That’s pretty damned vague. To me, “initial” implies something from the beginning of my hospital stay. But I was admitted 10-30-21.

Yeah, I called this company to see what the hell this is. Which is where I got the “explanation” of the BEHAV CHNG” charge. The “CARE” charge was explained away as “everything” the doctor did.

Which brings to the next issue. “Michelle” told initially that this bill was for physician services. I asked who the physician was.

Sao F. Po.

Never heard of him/her/it. Certainly wasn’t my doctor (Shaner, quite competent, and billed through UF Health; I’ve paid for her work — thanks y’all. I really appreciated that.). I thought I’d look up ol’ Doc Po.

Nothing. Nada. The only hit I got on that name is this Cambodian website. Nor is he listed on the UF Health staff directory.

“Doctor Po” is supposedly with Cogent Healthcare of Jacksonville. Guess who is not on their staff directory.

The next question I asked “Michelle” was why, if this is for services performed on November 2, 2021, I received my first “bill” in late February, 2022?


The company actually billing me — allegedly on Cogent/Po’s behalf — is “Sound Physicians.” My, my; don’t they have an interesting BBB record


I recently created an Experian account and reviewed all my debt. I have several unauthorized charges from Sound inpatient physician totaling over $6,000. I never received any services from the company and believe this is fraud and identity theft

Read 112 More Complaints

Hmm… that sounds awfully familiar.

So… a weirdly vague “bill” from a shady company on behalf of a “doctor” who doesn’t seem to exist.

Suppsedly “Sound Physicians” is going to send me a “detailed bill” so I can see what is actually covered.

Added: OK, I’ve contacted UF Health. If they tell me they know nothing about this, my next steps are complaints to the US (interstate wire fraud, text messages), Georgia, and Florida Attorneys General; and USPS Postal Inspector (mail).

Added, 2: I found another website for Cogent. This one has a listing for Dr. Saw Po, MD, and affiliated with UF Health. So maybe. But it’s not the spelling “Michelle” at Sound Physicians gave me. Could SP be stealing Dr. Po’s identity, and couldn’t get the spelling right?

Black Russian President?

Peter Grant ridiculed this moron this morning.

As it happens, just the other day I saw an estimate of blacks in Russia; 70,000. Wikipedia puts it at a mere 50,000, but that’s a 2009 estimate.

Using the higher number, and Russia’s population of 145,478,097, blacks make up a whopping 0.0481% of the population. I guess white privilege kept one that that miniscule number from getting elected, not simple statistics.

Unsurprisingly, Janel Forsythe‘s Twitter account is now “protected.” If you still feel an impulse to ridicule her, her email can be found here (it ain’t doxxing if she posts it herself).

Want To Waste Some Money? The McMichaels Have A Fundraiser.

reg and Travis McMichael, the father/son team that chased down Ahmaud Arbery, in a truck, and killed him, have a GiveSendGo fundraiser. I am aware that a certain group of people believe they are innocent. But every single one I have engaged has shown themselves to be ignorant of Georgia use of force and “citizen arrest” laws, as well as standard judicial procedure.

Give if you wish, but know that it’s a waster of your money because they are guilty. Keep these points in mind.

1. The McMichaels did not claim to be making a citizen’s arrest until months after the fact, after a corrupt prosecutor made the claim for them as he recused himself from the case (for pro-defendant conflict of interest, the second prosecutor to do so).

2. Georgia citizen arrest law, as it existed at the time, did not allow a citizen’s arrest on suspicion, which is the only cause that the McMichaels cited. The law required specific personal knowledge of a crime.

3. Georgia self defense law does not protect a person who instigated an incident. It does not protect an instigator who shotguns an unarmed person.

4. The “numerous items that could not be used during the trial” were Arbery’s past history. The judge properly refused to let them present it because the McMichaels stated that they did not know who Arbery was at the time of the incident; therefore they were unaware of Arbery’s history, and it had ZERO bearing on their thoughts and actions during the incident.

5. The McMichaels never chased down and killed the numerous white people who were video recorded doing the exact same thing that the McMichaels claimed raised their suspicion of Arbery.

Anyone who chooses to lawfully carry a defensive firearm in Georgia should be aware of these things. Greg McMichael, as a former POST-certified law enforcement officer (though he managed to lose his certification twice) absolutely should have known them.

Several McMichael supporters claim Arbery attacked Travis McMichael. I can only assume they never watched the entire Bryan video which clearly shows Arbery attempting to evade and McMichael moving the re-intercept.

The McMichaels have claimed they chased Arbery only because they wanted to “talk” to him. Georgia law does not permit private citizens to shotgun people simply because they don’t want to talk.

So go ahead. Waste your money.