TZP Column NM Gov’s Rationalizations

Here’s an update on NM Dictator Grisham’s unconstitutional order banning public possession of firearms.

Recall that she cited three cases of children killed with guns as her excuse for raping the US and state constitutions. Two cases definitely were committed by people in unlawful possession of firearms, which made it unlikely that the perps would obey Gov. Stalin’s order; she later admitted that criminals wouldn’t obey.

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[Updated] Is English Not His Primary Language?

Saw this headline at Faux Snooze. Lest you think it’s some sort of typo, consider what the dude writes later in the report.

Chicago driver gets carjacked by armed men in crime-rampant city as pedestrians drive by
At least seven pedestrian vehicles can be seen driving through the intersection as the crime is happening.

Is the Galactic Empire fielding Walkers in Chicago?

A person traveling on foot; a walker.
One who walks or journeys on foot. Specifically—2. One who walks or races on foot for a wager; a professional walker; one who has made a notable record for speed or endurance in walking.
A walker; one who journeys on foot; a foot traveler; specif., a professional walker or runner.

Update: I emailed the guy to ridicule this. No reply, but he made an unacknowledged stealth edit to the story. SO here’s screencaps to prove his original idiocy.

I Think I’ve Been To That McDonalds

As seen at the Babylon Bee.

I was stationed at San Bernardino in the early ’80s. Judging from this, the McDonalds I went to is still there. and still just as incompetent.

That restaurant is why I stopped going to McDonalds for maybe twenty years. The final straw was the drive-thu one.

No one else in line. Should be quick, because I was ordering a standard menu meal.

Nope. Took my money and said it would take a while, please pull forward and we’ll being it to you.

They never did. I turned off my engine (and by then more cars were lined up), and went inside.

“Hi! Can I take your order?”

No, you can give me my order. I explained the situation.

“Oh. I forgot. What did you order again?”

Why not just check your order printout?

“Oh.” Fiddles around. “We’ll have to cook that. Please wait, and we’ll bring it out.”

No, I’m waiting right here… so you don’t ‘forget’ again.


TZP Column: CrackHunter Biden’s Firearm Possession Indictment

Hunter Biden has been indicted for possessing a firearm while being a user of illegal drugs, and lying about it on the 4473. If the law is for everyone, I think it’s… ahem high time.

Technically, he was indicted for the 4473 lie previously, but was going to be allowed to completely skate on the charge, with pre-trial diversion. Some of us wondered, if his name wasn’t “Biden,” whether he would have faced more serious penalties. But this being 21st century America, Dimwitocrats have turned that around now.
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TZP Column: ATF Commenting FUBAR

None of my Notice of Proposed Rule-Making comments are appearing, even though comments submitted before and after mine do appear.

As I noted on September 8, the ATF is screwing up commenting on the “engaged in the business” Notice of Proposed Rule-Making.

In short, as dockets changed and vanished in a period of minutes, I found it desirable to comment six times; three times on behalf of TZP, and three times for myself personally. is now posting comments, so I checked the status of our comments. It ain’t pretty. I’m documenting the results so I have a public record of what is happening.
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“Congratulations’ To New Mexico’s Governor


In light of Lujan Grisham’s attempt to totally disarm the Albuquerque-area citizenry (except for the criminals, of course), I sent her a congratulatory message this morning.

I just wanted to praise the governor and Secretary Allen for their personal bravery in disarming honest, law-abiding citizens in the Albuquerque area. Taking on the risk of the death penalty for 18USC241 and 18USC242 violations just to provide safe workspace for Albuquerque’s criminals is very brave.

Anyone else want to “congratulate” her?