Southeast Georgia Health Systems. Again.

I’ve now acquired another story of how bad our local “hospital” is.

Yesterday, my sister had a medical scare (turned out not to be the heart attack we thought). She had me call her daughter to take her down to a hospital in Jacksonville I was going to do it, but I think she wanted the time with her daughter, just in case).

So my niece jumped in her car and raced to the house; speeding, of course.

And of course she got pulled over by the police.

Ma’am, were you aware that you were speeding?

Of course!, she replied.

What is so important that you have to speed?

I have to take my mother to the emergency room in Jacksonville.

Why not call 911?

If I call 911, they’ll take her to Southeast Georgia Health.

At which point the officer said, That’s a good reason. No ticket. Go. Go get your mother to the hospital.

Even the cops know how bad the local “hospital” is, and consider avoiding it justification for speeding.

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