The Robot Apocalypse Begins

Tesla Robot Suffers Malfunctions and Attacks Engineer at Texas Factory, Leaving ‘Trail of Blood’
A robotic malfunction at Tesla’s Giga Texas factory resulted in a violent encounter where an engineer was attacked by one of the company’s robots, resulting in significant injuries and leaving a ‘trail of blood.’

According to the Daily Mail, while working on software programming for non-functional Tesla robots, the engineer was suddenly pinned against a surface by a robot tasked with manipulating aluminum car components, with its metal claws inflicted an injury that left an ‘open wound’ on the worker’s left hand.

“Two of the robots, which cut car parts from freshly cast pieces of aluminum, were disabled so the engineer and his teammates could safely work on the machines. A third one, which grabbed and moved the car parts, was inadvertently left operational, according to two people who watched it happen. As that robot ran through its normal motions, it pinned the engineer against a surface, pushing its claws into his body and drawing blood from his back and his arm, the two people said,” The Information reported.

TZP Column: A Free Palestinian State

I can now support a Palestinian one-state solution for Israel.


“Jesus Was Palestinian”
That line has been getting quite a bit of play from historically ignorant pro-Hamas protesters in the US, as Christmas approaches. It’s just plain stupid, as Palestine didn’t exist back then. Romans applied the name to their imperial province around AD 132, after a failed Jewish rebellion. They picked the name (which derived from the Greek name for Philistines).

But, anachronism aside, let’s roll with it, and see the implications.
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A “straightforward fix” to a completely unforeseen problem?

A bit of news that has gotten some — but not much — media play this month is that the mRNA ChinCovid pseudo-vaccines cn and do cause the recipient’s cell to produce the wrong protein sometimes. Instead of the intended spike protein that the immune system should use to recognize infecting COVID-19 viruses, an unwanted foreign protein is produced.

mRNA COVID vaccines make ‘unintended proteins’—researchers discover how to fix this problem
The people behind the discoveries that made mRNA-based vaccines and treatments a possibility were awarded the Nobel Prize earlier this year. That work showed that some of the mRNA’s chemical letters that make up its alphabet need to be switched out for synthetic equivalents for this technology to be viable.

However, these artificial versions are causing “unintended proteins” to be made and hence immune responses to these proteins. The question is now: can we prevent this? The answer is yes, we can. And it’s a straightforward fix.

Oh my; what a surprise. Who could have guessed that unstable mRNA might do the wrong thing.

Well, other than myself, more than three years ago Toldja so.

If something bad happens with the nucleotides, that vaccine could potentially tell your body to produce an outright toxic protein.

That was originally written in November 2020. If an informed layman could figure it out then, when couldn’t the educated, trained pros? Why was this “straightforward fix” applied to the mRNA pseudo-vaxxes in the first place, before they started injecting gullible humans?

TZP Column: Precedent Is Scary

Here’s the flip side I mentioned in the last post about the CO supreme court going insane.

Precedent Can Be Dangerous
Or even really dangerous, in the wrong hands.

For years, I’ve warned about the dangers of precedents; in laws, bureaucratic regulation, and judicial. My personal ball got rolling back inthe 1990s with the passage of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. CALEA was passed to “help” LE catch criminals, by making it easier to tap phone calls.
The Colorado Supreme Court just gave us a real doozy of a precedent: it just declared Donald Trump to be an “insurrectionist” ineligible to appear on the state primary ballot.

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Let’s skip Trump’s J6 trial phase…

…and go straight to sentencing. After all, the Colorado Supreme Court has spoken: Trump is an insurrectionist.

Okay, if you don’t follow the news, some idiots in Colorado sued their Secretary of State, demanding that Trump not be allowed on the state primary ballot. Their theory being that he is ineligible under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment. The case went to the state supreme court which ruled that Trump is ineligible; he’s an insurrectionist.

I don’t care if you’re hard-core MAGA or a rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome victim; that ruling — and the rationale behind it — should scare the hell out of you.

To begin, Trump hasn’t been convicted of insurrection. The only trial regarding the J6 “insurrection” wasn’t even scheduled to begin until next year, and has been put on indefinite hold. What’s more…

…Trump’s charges don’t even include “insurrection” under 18 U.S.C. § 2383.

But the CO courts just convicted Trump of insurrection. And not even in absentia. Trump was not a party to the case. Makes it kinda hard to defend yourself when you aren’t charged and tried. Just sentenced.

But little niceties like due process don’t apply, according to the court majority. They held that A14, Section 3 is automatically self-executing; that as soon as someone claims you engaged in insurrection, you did engage in insurrection. Even if — like Trump — you weren’t even there, and specifically pleaded for peace.

The accusation is all it takes. Stalin would be so proud.

The saner dissenters in the case pointed out that the Constitution and amendments establish the “what” and that it’s Congress’ job to decide the “how” of enforcement. Specifically, in the case of A14, S3, the enforcement is the aforementioned 18 U.S.C. § 2383.

Which hasn’t been applied to Trump in any indictment, federal or state.

So if they get to skip the whole law, trial, and conviction bit for the Fourteenth Amendment, what other provisions are auto-magically “self-executing”? The Sixteenth Amendment comes to mind. What say we skip the whole tax code, setting thresholds rates, exemptions, etc., and go straight to the feds simply confiscating your whole pay check? No trial no appeal. The 16A would be “self-executing, and it doesn’t mention any limits on how much they can take.

Funny though, how the Fifth Amendment due process provisions are not “self-executing.” But there you — don’t — have it; at least in Colorado.

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Somehow that got edited out of the copies that CO supreme court read. But now that they’ve dispensed with the pesky bits, how else might this precedent be used?

Got an inconvenient city council critic? Accuse him of some random crime — assault, theft, even murder; it really doesn’t matter because there’s no need for due process. No need for witnesses, or evidence; Hell’s bells, you don’t even need a body (any more than the DC courts needed an actual insurrection). No trial. No sentencing. Just go straight to having the cops haul your critic away to prison indefinitely.

I don’t know about you, but I’m never going to — or through — Colorado again. It’s too risky. I’ll just add it to the list that previously only included California.

There’s is a flip side to this crazed decision, but that’s a topic for discussion elsewhere.

Dim Primary In NH


Biden Is a Write-in Candidate in New Hampshire
President Joe Biden, assuming he was the candidate by default, never filed to run in the New Hampshire primary. But that “default” assumption isn’t looking quite so solid these days and some of the Big Guy’s supporters are getting nervous. So a few of them have hastily launched a super PAC and begun an advertising campaign asking people to write in Biden’s name and demonstrating how to do so.

But, and this being NH, they do need volunteers for the effort. “With just weeks before the state’s presidential primary, Democrats in New Hampshire are trying to lure volunteers from Massachusetts.”

I look forward to this election’s NH shenanigans. One year, the Dims set up a “I need a ride to the polls” hotline, and the Reps hired a telemarketing firm to slam the hotline with robocalls, blocking legit callers. They’ve both used truly obnoxious “push polls” appearing to be from their opponents, designed to make that person look bad. Ditto with fake campaign flyers.

The GOP also did that to at least one Republican candidate the swamp didn’t approve, even knowing it means a Dim would (and did) win; which is how NH02 got stuck with batshit crazy dumbass Annie Kuster.

Not that the GOP’s preferred Charlie Bass would have been any better. The district had already gotten tired of his useless ass and voted him out once before. But his Dimwit successor was also so bad that the voters gave Bass another chance. So he was the incumbent against Kuster, and everyone knew he’d lose because he’d blown that generous second chance.




Revamped Minnesota State Flag Looks a Lot Like the Jubaland Somalian Flag for Some Strange ReasonIn 2015 the radical left in Minnesota decided the state needed a new state flag. The old one depicted white farmers working in a field and an American Indian riding a horse with a spear. Apparently, white men working in a field in a farm state was too offensive for some reason.



Jubaland, Somalia.

TZP Column: EPA Firearms Research

Yeah, the EPA is wading into it.

Government “Research”
I ran across an interesting paper this morning; “Chemistry and lung toxicity of particulate matter emitted from firearms.” It was published about a year ago, but I only just found it.

This came from the EPA, so I was expecting a real mess. But to my surprise the testing and analysis they did actually looks pretty good. The short version is that they captured “gun smoke” from the muzzle and breach, exposed mice to it, then did a fairly extensive chemical analysis of the particulate matter. They dissected the mice to see what effects occurred. All that was fine.

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Southeast Georgia Health Systems Strikes Again

Our local “hospital” (and I’m being generous in even using that word with parentheses) just demonstrated their skill and professionalism again. This is the “hospital” where the ER lost a patient; literally, they couldn’t find him. I happened to be there because… suffice to say that my father died.

A SGHS nurse tried to draw blood from a patient, and stuck the poor woman twenty times. If I recall that one correctly, another nurse had to step in before the klutz did it again.

SGHS Brunswick let a woman die from a rattlesnake bite. The doctor decided the woman would be allergic to the antivenom, so they skipped it. Then they tried blaming the state for issuing instructions to skip antivenom in cases of allergic reaction. Except that’s exactly opposite of what the state says.

I could go on; I know some nurses in the area, so I hear lots of stories. But here’s a new one.

A woman took a bad fall onto pavement. The ambulance took her to SGHS, where she was X-rayed. SGHS told her she was fine. But the next day she was still in a lot pain. Her daughter took to a different hospital in Jacksonville, where she was examined and X-rayed again.

Broken hand, broken wrist, multiple broken ribs. All of which Southeast Georgia Health missed, completely. And bear in mind that it’s usually easier to read X-rays taken the same day as the incident, than it is to read X-rays from the next day.

My sister and I have an understanding: If either of us needs to go to the hospital, we’re to be taken down to Jacksonville, greatly improving our odds of survival. When my time came> a couple of years ago, my connected niece (she seems to know everyone in town) persuaded the ambulance crew to bypass SGHS and take me down to UF Health. My sister figures that saved my life. I tend to agree. It jacked up the ambulance bill, but still being alive was worth it.