Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions… Wait… WHAT?

The Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions is a video reporting the results of a massive analysis of absentee voting; they compared absentee balloting to Change Of Address records and out-of-state voter registration. They found more than enough invalid votes to wipe out Biden’s margin. But…

Morbidly amusing is the “Georgia and Pennsylvania Invalid Residential Addresses” analysis at the 29:14 mark.

Those are in my little town. Those “residential” addresses are our Post Office.

OK, who had “Zombie Mink in 2020”?

Thousands of mink culled over COVID fears rise from a mass grave in Denmark
A rushed cull of Denmark’s mink over concerns about a coronavirus mutation has left the country facing a new horror, as cadavers of the animals re-emerge from the earth.

Collect your winnings while you still can.

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[UPDATED] Action Alert: Active Duty Military

Do I have any active duty military readers?

Attorney Lin Wood is looking for someone who cast a Military Absentee Ballot in Georgia. You can reach him at

Added, 11/28/2020 And this is why he wants to talk to them. I figured it would something this.

ANOTHER FUN FRAUD FACT: All 900 Military Ballots in Fulton County, Georgia Went to Sleepy Joe Biden — NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!

OK, my active service time was quite a while back, but this seems pretty danged unlikely.

Johns Hopkins ChinCOVID Reporting Looks…

…remarkably like Gropin’ Joe’s election numbers.

Johns Hopkins:

Georgia Department of Public Health:

And those 37 deaths Johns Hopkins claims?

GA DPH says… 0. Zero. Nada. None. Zilch. Granted, that’s preliminary and some deaths for that day might be reported in the future; but where does JH get off inventing unreported deaths? And inflating daily new cases by 3100X?

Did Dominion move into the pandemic market, too?

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“But I want 32 hours of over time.”

Tom is a clerk, earning $10 an hour. He fills out a time sheet showing 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday, and turns it in to his boss at the end of the day Friday.

A week later, he receives the check for that period. He looks at it and realizes his boss has paid him for 40 regular hours, a total of $400 before taxes.

“Hey, boss! My check is wrong. You under paid me.”

“What? Let me see that.” His boss examines the check and statement. “Looks right to me 40 hours at ten bucks an hour.”

“No,” Tom objected. “I had 32 hours of overtime.” He waves the time sheet in his boss’s face. “See? 40 hours reported on Friday.”

“No, Tom; you worked 8 hours on Friday. Certainly not more hours than there are in a day.”

“But I reported them on Friday. So that’s when they should be counted.”

His boss sighs in exasperation. “Tell me again where you worked before here.”

“Johns Hopkins.”

Yeah, Johns Hopkins is like that; lumping all the reported ChinCOVID cases from different days — sometimes different months — together as if they all happened the day they were reported.

Johns Hopkins claimed 3,424 “new cases” and 37 deaths on 11/19, in Georgia.

Georgia on the other hand gives preliminary counts (preliminary, because it takes a while — sometimes months — for reports to come in) of 1 new case and 0 deaths on 11/19.

Interestingly, JH’s cases number doesn’t even match the Georgia Date of Report number: 2,375 (and one of those occurred July 6). Somehow, JH found an extra 689 that Georgia doesn’t know about.

Perhaps I should change the name to Tom Hopkins.

But “Tom’s” numbers are what all the media reports to claim a huge surge in “new cases”

(Yes, I know I’ve been over this quite a bit before. But a few folks seem to have difficulty grasping why the difference between date of onset and date of report matters. I thought the little parable would help the short bus set get the idea.)

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[UPDATED 2] I was going to vote in the GA Senate run-offs, but I’ve changed my mind.

There’s no point.

I’ve spent days reading hundreds of pages of sworn-under-oath affidavits attesting to election irregularities on a massive scale. Irregularities ranging from dumbass mistakes, to gross incompetence, to outright fraud. These affidavits are eyewitness testimony of voters, observers, and election workers. The affidavits include photographs and spreadsheets. They include analysis by a professional statistician.

I have seen grand jury indictments on murder charges on much less — and flimsier — evidence. I have seen murder convictions on less evidence than these affidavits.

But Georgia’s governor and secretary of state say there’s nothing to see, no big deal, nothing to even look into. Hell, Raffensperger is more than fine with it: he helped it happen by signing a consent decree agreeing to violate state election law.

Election certified. Including what an — this one is still anonymous, but I’m hoping he/she will come forward under oath, too — says is 6,000 more votes in Cobb County than Cobb County voters. Including what yet another whistleblower says are simple regurgitated original counts, not the recount numbers, allegedly at state direction.

I have zero confidence that any ballot I cast will bear any resemblance to how it’s counted.

Gov. Kemp and SOS Raffensperger say they don’t give a shit whether I trust the election system. Because the voters don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if you were a Democrat voter who wanted Biden; your vote didn’t count; you just happened to support the candidate the system pre-chose for you.

Whatever party or candidate you wanted, if you “voted” — be it by mail or in person — you didn’t really vote; you inadvertently participated in s show for the cameras in a Potemkin election.

The run-offs? Democrats across the country are publicly announcing the intent to come to Georgia just to vote in run-offs. Georgia Democrats have publicly announced their intent to coordinate hotel rooms, and crash space in people’s homes, for those unlawful voters.

But Raffensperger sees no need to do anything to discourage — or arrest — them.

That Constitution we used to have said states were required to provide a republican form of government. That is one in which the actual real people cast actual real ballots that actually get counted, in order to elect our choice of representatives to legislate for us.

That choice is no longer ours. The republic is dead.

And Kemp and Raffensperger are fine with that.

Added: That’s one hell of an “oops; my bad.”

Georgia certifies then decertifies recount results
The Georgia Secretary of State issued a correction Friday afternoon, saying this state is still completing the certification process, despite an earlier announcement that the state had certified an electoral victory for Joe Biden.

How the hell do you accidentally certify an election when you haven’t finished yet?

All this just gives me warm fuzzy feelings about the reliability and integrity of the Georgia election system. (For the intellectually challenged idiots and other Democrats, that’s sarcasm.)

Added 2: Well, let’s see how long this certification lasts.

Georgia secretary of state certifies election results, making Biden victory official
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified the results of the general election Friday, making it official that President-elect Joe Biden won the state’s 16 electoral votes.

The secretary of state’s office had erroneously blasted out a press release at 12:26 p.m. saying Raffensperger had certified the election. Forty minutes later, a corrected press release was sent, which said the secretary would certify results Friday. Later in the afternoon, another press release was sent and ABC News confirmed that the secretary had certified the election.

Screw it.

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Bloodsuckers for Tyranny

Get this.

Houston Announces Plan to Randomly Knock on Doors to Collect Blood Samples to Better Understand COVID
In the name of fighting COVID-19, Harris County (Texas’s largest county) health officials announced a plan that includes randomly knocking on doors to collect blood samples. “Teams of health workers wearing yellow vests will make their rounds from Nov. 15 through Dec. 15, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.” reports the Houston Chronicle.

That’s utter bullshit. Here is the horrible Houston epidemic they have to get under control.

There might have been some rationale for door-to-door questioning and blood sampling… back in June — 3,767 cases — when ChinCOVID was still increasing. The area peaked on July 1, and has been trending downward since. They’re latest micro-peak was a week ago at 694 cases.

That chart looks so much like Georgia’s that I’d be willing to bet that the recent bump in cases correlates to a bump in testing, which is what happened in Georgia.

I would not participate in that. But if I did, I’d make them draw the blood and ask their questions outside. Do not let snoopy folks from the government into your house. If it’s too dirty for someone’s taste, you could find yourself reported the DCF. If a victim disarmament freak on the team saw a gun, or indications of a gun like a safe or ammunition, they might drop a dime on a call to the cops.

As for the blood itself, be aware that those samples get saved and reused for other research purposes. A few months ago, someone collected old blood samples from a county’s dialysis centers, and tested them for ChinCOVID. Someone might decide this was a great chance to screen for unlawful drug use in the community… and those samples aren’t going to be anonymized.

Heck, the cops could even decide this is a great chance to enlarge their DNA database.

Don’t participate.

ETA: Tell ya what; here’s the conditions under which I would participate:

  1. The testing is done at a community center, not my residence.
  2.  All I give is my street name — not house number — and zip code.
  3.  They give me a control number and phone number I can use from an anonymous line to get my results.
  4. They show me a sworn affidavit that the sample will only be used for antibody testing, and the sample will be destroyed after it is tested.

Now I’ll play.

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Axios ChinCOVID: They Are So Full of Shit

Typical ChinCOVID [mis]reporting. I’m not even going to do Axios the favor of linking to this crap.

Coronavirus cases rise by 40%

“New coronavirus infections jumped by 40% over the past week.”
“Not a single state saw an improvement.”

Turrible, innit?

Look what Worldometer shows. Johns Hopkins uses the same fake dataset, but WM displays it better.

And they claim Georgia has 413,894 total cases.

Bull shit. Georgia only reports 377,694 total cases, and only 4, FOUR new cases for November 11, as opposed to the mythical 2,242 new cases Worldometer invented.

Those lying motherfuckers are adding in antigen positive tests. The antigen test is abso-fucking-lutely not ChinCOVID-specific. It will pop positive for an entire range of known human coronaviruses, which is exactly why Georgia does not include them in ChinCOVID positives. Georgia quite properly treats antigen tests as a screening tool, not a diagnostic tool. Antigen tests are fast and cheap, so Georgia screens with them, and gives anyone who tests positive the slower and more expensive PCR test which — mostly — is ChinCOVID-specific.

Per Georgia DPH:

This number represents confirmed cases only, defined as an individual with a positive molecular test. Only molecular test results are used in identifying confirmed cases.

Georgia did report 1,673 cases that day, but only the 4 were NEW cases. The rest were backlogged results only now being reported. In fact, Georgia (and other states) are updating numbers for at least as far back as July 6.

I’m getting sick — NPI — of dishonest SOBs trying to drive panic by misreporting cases-by-date-of-REPORT as “NEW.” And now adding in non-specific antigen tests.

EVERY state I’ve checked, that separates numbers by Date of ONSET vs. Date of Report, shows the same thing. This has been known for months, so there’s no honest excuse for lying about the surge in “new” cases.

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Do your job, or quit

Some years back, I was a network operations tech for a telco, in the broadband group.

The specific job I was paid to do was take reports of customers’ Internet not working, investigate to verify the report, and fix any problems I found. That’s what I was paid to do, and I was rather good at it; enough so that the company sent other techs to me for training.

If, one day, I declared “I don’t like a new policy, so I’m refusing to do what I’m paid to do, but you have to keep paying me to do lesser work,” they’d have shown me the door.

Richard Pilger, Linked to IRS Scandal, Resigns DOJ Post over Voter Fraud Memo
Mr. Pilger, a career prosecutor in the department’s Public Integrity Section who oversaw voting-fraud-related investigations, told colleagues he would move to a nonsupervisory role working on corruption prosecutions.

Pilger is paid to direct investigations of reported problems: possible election fraud. His job is to investigate, and prosecute crimes he finds. He decided he didn’t want to do that, so he stepped down as director, and expects them to keep paying him despite his refusal to do his assigned job.

Fire his ass for cause. Out the door. Without a good reference.

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Recount? Hell no!

I was considering digging up links to various election… irregularities, but was pleased to find that Gateway Pundit did it for me. Although I doubt that it’s really complete, because every time I check the news I hear more.

Complete List of Suspected Fraud Issues in 2020 Election Sorted by State with Recommended Actions on How to Address

Vin Suprinowicz has a nice collection, too.

The Michigan “glitch” that turned thousands of Republican votes into Dem votes: No, it was not a “glitch.”

I started programming in the ’70s. I expanded into computer hardware in the early ’80s. I’ve seen possibly every possible glitch you can see. Hell, in the Air Force I was the prime glitch tester for the Rhein-Main Special Maintenance Team because I had a knack for dreaming up whatever typo or bad data some clown in the field could come up with. Glitches crash the system, or repetively repeat an obviously bad output (it’s consistent), or spew unrecognizable garbage.

Glitches do not surreptitiously change only some Rep votes into only Dem votes, and only enough to shift the results of the election without being noticeable except to someone very familiar with voter demographics (which is exactly how it was caught). That’s hard programming, not a glitch or error.

And even if only a mere error, likely illegal; states generally require election software to be certified. This would be an uncertified change.

In Arizona, poll workers pressed the “cast ballot” button for voters (only the voter is supposed to do it) without telling them it meant their ballots would be rejected. No surprise, this happened in a Rep district.

Wisconsin saw counties illegally throwing away “spoiled” ballots. The law requires those be saved for 22 months for audit purposes.

Fulton County, Ga is just a mess. At this time, it looks like they may have 132,000 invalid ballots.

All this is a problem. You cannot just do a recount of ballots and call it good. Mail-in ballots have already been separated from their postal covers and internal return envelopes. So you can’t tell which ballot came from which potentially spoiling envelope. If, if envelopes were saved (and reportedly Fulton and other locales were throwing them away), at most you could determine, “We have X number of bad ballots, but we don’t know which they are.”

The GOP claims they can document 450,000 bad votes; but again, the the ballots are already separated from the proof, so we don’t know which ones are bad. Although you could start with the tens of thousands of ballots with only a Biden vote and no down-ballot votes…

The only way now to have a election whose results anyone can halfway trust is a complete do-over. Start again from scratch. And even Dems who want Biden elected should agree with that, if they’d just stop and think about the ramifications of leaving this precedent in place: this time, the corruption seems to have elected their preferred candidate…

…but only because he happened to be the preferred candidate of the political machine doing the manipulation. You Dems: your votes didn’t really count either; the machine’s vote is all that mattered. What happens next time if the machine wants someone the voters don’t? Hey, did you originally want Bernie? Recall that he lost the primaries being run on the same questionable voting machines, by the same political machine, that gave you Biden instead of Bernie.

Maybe the do-over should include a primary do-over, which might select Sanders as the Dem candidate.

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