TZP Column: Solution Or Satire?

A Mass Shooting Solution?
I ran across a peculiar column last week, but I held off commenting on it.
The reason I held back is this proposal confused the heck out me. It appears at PJ Media, which is a fairly conservative outlet with — usually — a firm grounding in the Constitution and reality. Ashley McCully appears to be a regular contributor.

But McCully’s proposal is anything but Constitution- and reality-based. Before I tore her a figurative new one, I considered the possibility that this is satire. The law she proposes reads like a far-left Dimocrat wishlist; it’s a thoroughly impractical, immoral, and unconstitutional rape of rights.

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TZP Column: Beginner’s Guide To Ghost Guns

That’s funny.

A Beginner’s Guide To Ghost Guns
Are you interested in building your own firearms at home, but aren’t really sure how to get started? Not to worry; we the New York State Police has your back.

In an effort to crack down on so-called “ghost guns,” the NYSP inadvertently put together the perfect beginner’s how-to manual:

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TZP Column: Prohibited Person Or Not?

Still A Lot Of Confusion Surrounding The Maine Shooter
Now that the active incident is over, some reporting is stabilizing. The good less bad news is that the initial reports of 20, and then 22, dead and 50 injured have been scaled back to 18 dead and 13 wounded. Perhaps the initial “injured” claims included folks hurt as they scrambled for cover, but not shot.
The “recently purchased” aspect brings us to a fuzzy point of confusion. Was the shooter a prohibited person or not? And if he was, how was he able to lawfully purchased the weapon?

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