TZP Column: Another Victim Disarmament Bill

Tippy and Pocahontas Strike Again: S.3407
Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren [Fraud-MA] and Georgia’s Rep. Hank “Tippy” Johnson [Addled-GA04] have filed S. 3407, “A bill to end the epidemic of gun violence and build safer communities by strengthening Federal firearms laws and supporting gun violence research, intervention, and prevention initiatives.” Bill text is not yet available, but the Firearms Policy Coalition expects this to be a re-run of their old H.R. 5717, a veritable victim disarmament wishlist; you might remember that monstrosity.

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World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

I see the feds are going to dump $3 BILLION into another high-speed rail project. It’s the Brightline West.

Supposedly it’s going to link Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Reality appears to be San Bernadino to Spring Valley.

My first thought on seeing this was they must not have looked at a topo map. Unless it’s weathered away since I was there in the early ’80s (yes, another place I’ve lived), there’s a mountain range between them. If they expect to make this trip at 186+ MPH, they might want to bore a level tunnel through ’em.

But no… “This 218-mile passenger rail service will operate from Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga, California, with 96% of its alignment within the median of the I-15 highway.”

I’ve made that trip a few times. Up, over, and down the mountains. That’s gonna be a blast at 200 MPH. They’d be pulling heavy Gs going uphill, and floating in freefall on the way back down. They’d better check with airlines for a barf bag supplier.

But the real punchline is the time line. They expect to break ground in early 2024…

And have it ready to go for the 2028 LA Olympics.

-ggigle- -snort- Suuure. Kalifornicated is trying to build another high speed rail line that’s already years overdue and billions over budget.

Explosion At The US-Canada Border

And that’s about all we know, despite reporting otherwise.

About the only thing most outlets agree on is that it was a car, two people inside it were killed, and a CBP worker was injured. We’ll see.


It was either a confirmed terrorist attack, or it’s unknown.

The car was entering the US from Canada, entering Canada from the US, or was just sorta there headed to a CBP building.

Yep, the usual rush to get the scoop on the other news service, and real confirmed facts be damned. And it drives conspiracy theories, because some loon is going to latch onto one version or the other. I remember that happening with the Sandy Hook school shooting. Some folks stuck with the early unattributed claims of multiple shooters and decided that blaming it on the one psycho was just a coverup. Or the ones who seized on the screwed up early victim reporting to claim that no one was killed and it was a pro-gun control hoax.

9 times out of ten, I don’t think these are cover ups or hoaxes. It’s some incompetent reporter looking for a major scoop getting made up stories from someone not necessarily on the scent, or attached to the investigation, who wants to feel briefly important. And being incompetent, the “reporter” proceeds to flub even the BS. All in the name of getting there first, with dreams of a Pulitzer.

TZP Column: ATF Loses Again

The “ghost gun” rule got tossed.

Fifth Circuit On “Ghost Gun” Rule
You’ve got to love the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; they’ve been on a roll lately. They shot down the bump-stock ban in Cargill v. Garland. They struck down the ATF’s pistol brace rule in Mock v. Garland (which was the basis for the Northern District of Texas likewise ruling against the ATF.

Now they’ve turned their attention to the odious ATF’s equally odious frame/receiver rule (declaring unfinished, inert lumps of metal to be firearms) in VanDerStok et al v, Garland. A three judge panel ruled against it.

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Gotta Love The Gateway Pundit

You may recall that a Dim running for the Virginia House of Delegates got outed as running a porn channel with her hubby. The election was yesterday, and the results are in, as are the reports of her loss.

Daily Mail: Porn Dem’ Susanna Gibson LOSES in Virginia

Fairly staid; but I’ll give ’em a bonus point for — ahem — slipping this in: “Gibson’s race was one of the most watched…

Ah! But The Gateway Pundit…

Democrat Porn Star Susanna Gibson Goes Down

I figure the Hofts live for the chance to do headlines like that.

TZP Column: Seventh Circuit Upholds Illinois Assault Weapon Ban

I Expect Clarence Thomas IS Fuming Right About Now
Because a three judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals just upheld, 2-1, Illinois’ “assault weapon” ban in Bevis v. Naperville (which is actually six separate challenges to “assault weapon” bans in Illinois, consolidated), and mangled BRUEN in the process. To do this, the lying bastards started with the BS “weapons of war” argument. And went downhill from there.

Honestly, this decision reads like something you might expect from the Ninth Circuit.

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TZP Column: Solution Or Satire?

A Mass Shooting Solution?
I ran across a peculiar column last week, but I held off commenting on it.
The reason I held back is this proposal confused the heck out me. It appears at PJ Media, which is a fairly conservative outlet with — usually — a firm grounding in the Constitution and reality. Ashley McCully appears to be a regular contributor.

But McCully’s proposal is anything but Constitution- and reality-based. Before I tore her a figurative new one, I considered the possibility that this is satire. The law she proposes reads like a far-left Dimocrat wishlist; it’s a thoroughly impractical, immoral, and unconstitutional rape of rights.

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