The APE Project to to end “systemic pain racism.”

There’s an unfortunate acronym.

Woke Ad From Advil Tackles ‘Pain Equity’ to Address ‘Systemic Pain Racism’
The marketing geniuses at Advil, apparently taking a page out of Bud Light’s playbook, launched the Advil Pain Equity Project to end “systemic pain racism.”

The company, owned by Pfizer, launched the project last fall with ads sharing personal stories.
The sources of pain bias in the US date back hundreds of years and are deeply rooted in racism.

What about ageism? Col. Cooper once said something to the effect that, Past a certain age, if you wake up in the morning and nothing hurts, you’re probably dead.

That’s been the case for me since my little broken hip adventure. The surgeon had to go into the muscle twice, in different areas, and those muscles have never been the same since. But I can walk, so it’s all good.

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