Tip Jar

In the improbable event that you find my random babbling informative (or slightly less improbable: amusing), please consider dropping something in my little virtual tip jar.

I’ve added a Gab Pay link. They don’t make it terribly clear how to properly add this to a web page (they seem to primarily expect folks to use an obscure API, instead of a simple link), so I hope this works. If some generous folks, who still have some discretionary funds left after inflation, want to test it I’ll much appreciate that.

For other options (for instance, snailmailed cash, checks, Tracfone minutes, merchandise, gold, silver, ammo) email me at bear-bussjaeger-us (correct for anti-spam format, please).


I’ve closed my PayPal account. PP’s recent attempt to impose fines for lawful-but-unauthorized speech. Pissed me off. Their walkback on the new policy angered me even more, since they clearly believe we’re stupid enough to believe that they “accidentally” added that to the terms of service and “accidentally” sent out the official notice of the change. They simply thought they’d get away with it, that no one would notice until thousands of dollars in fines started hitting.

We noticed. We also noticed how they’ve been shutting down users who foolishly thought this might still be an America that respected free speech.

For me, this was a relatively easy decision. After the post hip surgery generosity (thank you all very much), donations have fallen to nearly zero, and none of that was via PayPal anyway for months.