If They Need A Suggestion On How To Deal With That

… I have one for them.

50,000 Pound Whale Found Dead, Beached In Florida
A sperm whale was reportedly found dead Sunday after beaching itself in Florida.

Officials told the public to avoid Service Club Park beach in Venice because of the beached whale, which ended up about 50 yards offshore, according to Fox 13 News.

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  1. I’ve been living in Hampton Roads since the 1981. Once every few we would see a whale wash up. But this is not normal.

    What they are saying.
    NORFOLK, Virginia — While three whales washing up on Hampton Roads beaches in three days is unusual, it is likely indicative of a long-term trend seen along the East Coast.

  2. At least 23 whales have died on the East Coast since December 2022.

    But the whale deaths have been occurring in increasing numbers for years. Researchers at the National Oceans and Atmospheric Association declared an unusual mortality event for humpback whales on the East Coast beginning in January 2016, almost a full year before the first windfarm came online in December of that year.

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