Californicated Election

This looks a bit odd… if this is a clean election.

Thanks To Mail-In Voting, California Still Counting Ballots Two Weeks After Election
As of this article’s publication, unofficial election results show that 95 percent of votes have been tabulated in California’s Democrat presidential primary, versus 93 percent in the Republican contest. In the state’s Senate primary, 92 percent of votes have been finalized, with many ballots in several congressional races also still awaiting tabulation.

Seems odd that the percentages don’t quite match. But it gets better. That story links to CNN’s (yeah, I do know) election results page, which is being updated in pseudo-real time. Here’s a screenshot. Note the percentages of ballots counted.

The first one is a special election primary for a congressional district seat; 81% in.

The second is the statewide Dim presidential primary; 95%.

One little district can only get 81% in, but statewide they already have 95%? A suspicious type might suspect that the little district votes are legitimately trickling in, while the Dims pre-stuffed the ballots for senile Gropin’ Joe.

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