Now Fulton County has an excuse for the audit finding a discrepancy between the number of ballots and ballot IMAGES.

Overnight, someone “broke into” the building where the ballots are stored.

Please recall that multiple witnesses reported — and video showing — piles of ballots being scanned multiple times. If the damned judge ever gets around to allowing the audit to proceed, they were going to find more ballot images than they had paper ballots.

Now Fulton County election officials criminals have an excuse for the discrepancy: Gee, judge; the burglar must have taken a bunch of ballots. And when the finger pointing really gets started, they could even go so far as to claim the plaintiffs knew there was no discrepancy in numbers, so they┬ástole them themselves so they could “find” a discrepancy.

There are few possible scenarios here.

A. Intrusion, but nothing actually taken. It’s just an excuse for the discrepancy.

B. Someone could have taken the ballots that witnesses say suspiciously appeared preprinted, and all for Biden. Get rid of that incriminating evidence, if that was for real.

C. It could have been a freelance burglar, unrelated to the election/audit, who simply thought he could find something to steal and pawn. Hitting a place under so much legal scrutiny would be incredibly stupid, since I’ll guarantee folks will want surveillance footage from every camera for a mile around the facility. A freelance redistributionist is going to get caught because this is so high profile. But the prisons are full of stupid criminals.*

Any way it went down, unless video shows someone just kicking in a door and leaving empty-handed, the audit just became pointless. Any problem with ballot numbers is explained away.

* There was an inmate in a the prison I worked at; the other inmates called him “Pizza Hut.” He got that handle because…

A friend owed him money. So his friend talked him into helping him rob their neighborhood Pizza Hut — yes, where our genius was known — so that friend could get the money to pay PH back.

Even the other inmates — no Einsteins themselves — considered him a dumbass.

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