On The Diabetes Front

So yesterday afternoon, my blood sugar was 145. High. Later that night, about two hours after dinner (2 bean burritos, spanish rice, salad), it was 130.

This morning a couple hours after a breakfast of sausage, turkey, and cheese (fairly normal for me)…


Didn’t expect that. That’s down into the normal range. No insulin.

I’ll continue to check twice a day. I already have a log book set up; something to take along when I go see an endocrinologist.

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3 thoughts on “On The Diabetes Front”

  1. You’ll need to get some carbalose flour and splenda if you want to avoid the spikes and have good tasting food. Read the nutritional labels. And, here’s what you can’t have if your beta cells are sputtering…flour, rice, beans, potatoes, and anything like that. Accept it. You’ve had your dense carb days. I’m on 60 units of Basaglar at night. Been there, done that. Accept it and get control of your body. If your Ha1C is above 6, you’re failing.

  2. Use cinnamon even if as a supplement it speeds up sugar processing.
    Avoid all carbs and sugar if you can.
    Avoid starch and potatoes, get KETO items if they are in your price range.
    Fruits have real sugar but it is still sugar and bananas are big time spikers.
    Off all insulin and meds for two years after losing 140 pounds.
    I sold all the stuff on CL after the prices skyrocketed under Joey Softserve.
    A stroke two years ago lit the proverbial fire under the keester and I say Thank You God out loud daily for still being here.

  3. Good luck, brother. A few thoughts:

    1. See the doc; until then ignore everyone else including me 😉

    2. Don’t worry until you have to – initial tests and results can easily be wrong and even then they aren’t necessarily conclusive

    3. The sort of commonsense health changes you might make to counter diabetes are likely to be plain good sense that will serve you well, regardless

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