House Dims Demand To Know Why Republican McCarthy Didn’t Do Their Opposition Research For Them

RE: Liar George Santos

House Democrats who made Ethics complaint against George Santos now demand Speaker McCarthy disclose what he knew about freshman GOP lawmaker’s ‘web of lies’ ahead of his 2022 midterm victory
A pair of House Democrats are calling on Speaker Kevin McCarthy to divulge what he knew and when about freshman GOP Rep. George Santos’ so-called ‘web of lies,’ as they phrased in a Sunday letter.

Roughly a couple of weeks before he was sworn into the 118th Congress, Santos admitted to fabricating details of his backstory including his career, education and family heritage.

Personally, I didn’t pay attention to the guy’s campaign claims because I’m not in New York, much less his disrict, and I had more important-to-me things to watch. When claims of falsehoods started coming out, I did think he was pretty young to have accumulated his alleged experience. I also figured he’d fit in just fine in DC.

The other thing I wondered is why in hell the Dims seemingly hadn’t done an iota of oppo research on the clown since “he was pretty young to have accumulated his alleged experience.”

So now they’re finger-pointing at a Republican rep from California who failed to do what they should have done themselves.

True, you’d think Reps would vet their own would-be candidates, but clearly — since they didn’t talk Santos out of running, or prep any damage control in advance — they didn’t.


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