We’re Doomed

Supposedly, space aliens are showing up today to wipe out humanity.

A ‘time traveler’ predicts our future: Aliens will conquer earth on March 23
What was hard to imagine more than 100 years ago is that an ‘influencer’, who calls himself a time traveler, could state categorically what was going to happen, and in this case, so soon.
“A very hostile alien species is coming to take back Earth, we will not win. Another alien, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some of us. On March 23, 2023, about 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet,” Eno has indicated in his post on the social network.

Obviously, Eno Alric is a nutjob. The aliens have been here for years, and they aren’t going to destroy us.

That’s my current working hypothesis: The aliens are using social engineering to get us to render ourselves extinct, saving them the trouble. How else do you explain

  • Gain-of-function ChinCOVID-19
  • ChinCOVID pseudo-vaccines that cause far more deadly adverse effects than any other real vaccine in history
  • Forced inoculation with said pseudo-vaccines
  • The utter refusal to stop the pseudo-vaccines due to the admitted adverse effects (the ’76 swine flu vax was halted for a few dozen cases of G-BS, before any deaths occurred)
  • An authorized treatment for ChinCOVID with a 27% fatality rate
  • Blocking cheap and effective treatments that don’t have a high fatality rate
  • The Left’s insistence that abortion id a right, even up to — and some cases — after birth
  • Try to force the closure — even destruction — of non-abortion pregnancy centers
  • Mass sterilization through “transgender treatment” that we’re being told is a healthcare right, and must accept as normal
  • Deliberately open-air venting and burning tanker cars of vinyl chloride
  • Refusing to test for toxic vinyl chloride combustion products
  • And saying everything’s fine
  • Destruction of our own technological civilization to stop “global warming,” with the billions of deaths that reverting to a pre-19th century tech level will cause
  • Defund the police, without any working replacement
  • And let the criminals out, whether because “COVID bad” or “bail racist”
  • Shoot, decriminalize theft and assault so the bad guys don’t get arrested in the first place
  • And now that the uncontrolled criminals are running amok, disarm the honest population

That’s a partial list. Can you see why I might entertain, even facetiously, the thought that hostile aliens aere up to no good?


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