UPDATE 2: The School Shooting Narrative May Be In Trouble

The Covenant School shooter has been ID’d as (only time I’ll use the name) Audrey Hale, 20yo woman.
UPDATE: Confirmed.

BREAKING: Police confirm female Nashville school shooter identified as transgender

She used the name “Aiden.” I’m seeing lefties on Twitter bitch that people are “dead naming” “him” by calling her Audrey.

I think dead naming is entirely appropriate in this case.

BTW, maybe the Nashville police could teach Uvalde PD how it’s done.

UPDATE 2: This story will vanish by tomorrow morning, because

Nashville police chief confirms Audrey Hale identifies as transgender, suggests her trans identify played a role: “We have a manifesto … and a map of how all of this was going to play out.”

At a guess, she was crazy for years, got teased in school, and decided to get revenge.

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Don’t consider this confirmed. It looks like it could be real, but you never really know right off.


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