Kalifornicated Reparations: 200 Million Bucks Apiece?

Effin’ Go For It!

Activists Demand $200M Reparations for Every Single African American in California
Activists are demanding that California pay a whopping $200 million in reparations for “each and every African American” in the state.

While Reparation payments for black residents in California have ballooned to $800 billion, more than twice the cost of the state’s entire annual budget, they still say that’s not enough.

Activists demanded California pay millions in reparations to make amends for historical slavery and subsequent discrimination.

Lessee… There’s some 2.5 million African-Americans in Kalifornica, according to Wikipedia.

2,500,000 X 200,000,000 =


Five hundred trillion bucks. Better get the printing presses running now. Maybe Zimbabwe‘s old currency printer is available.

$500 trillion new bucks dumped in California alone looks to be about 24 times the current M2 money supply for the nation. That supposed $200 mill would instantly be worth about * mil in current 2023 dollars. Talk about inflation. And it would snowball. I suspect when all is said and done — if they’re actually stupid enough to do this, and I’m not betting either way — their 200 megabucks will be about enough to buy a Micky D’s Happy Meal. If any fast food joints survived the economic collaps


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3 thoughts on “Kalifornicated Reparations: 200 Million Bucks Apiece?”

  1. Part of the strategy. If they DEMAND 200 Million when the morons in charge acquiesce and offer them only 2 million it will seem like a good deal. NONE of this is accidental.

      1. Of course the ground apes expect it. The strategy I described is part of the lefts plan. Make outrageous demands and settle for a fraction of it. And if NO money is given to the porch monkeys theyq will use the false promise made by the leftists as an excuse to riot…again. A win win situation for the left.

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