I’ll take “Stupid Reporters” for $500, Alex.

Can you see what’s wrong with this report? I’ll even give you a hint.

New study shows Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is 94% effective in *preventing asymptomatic infection*
The study looked at people who got the Pfizer shot in Israel from January through March 6 of this year. It showed the vaccine is 94% effective in *preventing asymptomatic infection*.

For any visiting “reporters,” I’ll explain.

An asymptomatic infection is when a pathogen — be it botulism, an influenza virus, yeast, or SARS-CoV-2 — enters your body, and your immune system detects it, attacks it, and stops it before you get noticeably “sick.” Unless you live in a sterile bubble, that probably happens to you hundreds or thousands of times per day. It’s normal; it’s what your immune system is supposed to do.

A traditional viral vaccine introduces spike proteins — usually in the form of a “dead” or weakened virus — to inform your immune system of what the real virus protein coat will look like. Then when the real thing enters your system, your immune system will recognize it right away and start fighting it. The successful result of vaccination is an “asymptomatic infection;” you didn’t get sick.

The only way to prevent an asymptomatic infection, to prevent the pathogen entering your system, is to prevent it from physically entering your goddamned system. No vaccine in the world does that. That’s what cleansuits and respirators are for. Or the past year of “two weeks to flatten the curve.”*

It would have been nice if the “reporter” had linked to the study so we could see what the researchers really found.

In the old, pre-COVID-19 days, doctors and the CDC distinguished between infection and case. They still do for everything but COVID-19; last year, the CDC changed the definition strictly for COVID-19, so that they could call every infection — yes, even asymptomatic-you-never-got-sick — a “case”. “Case” used to be reserved for folks who got sick. This allowed them to pump up the “case” numbers to drive the nation/world into a panic so that wannabe dictators could dictate.

As study after study has shown, all the way back to the Diamond Princess, most people who get infected with SARS-CoV-2 never develop COVID-19. The CDC just changed the rules to pretend they did.

Bonus Point Question: This is for any reporters; my regular readers are smart enough to know it already.

What was the actual intent of “flatten the curve”? What was the curve?

Bonus Bonus: Why is “vaccine” a misnomer for the Pfizer (and Moderna and AstraZeneca) shot? There’s a hint above.

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