Delta Airlines Will No longer Require ID To Fly

ATLANTA, 4/1/2021 — Delta Airlines (DAL) CEO Ed Bastian issued a company-wide memo discontinuing the requirement that prospective passengers show a government issued photo ID to fly.

“I have realized that our identification requirement is racist, as Blacks and other minorities are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID, even though one can obtain a free state ID card in hardship cases,” Bastian’s memo stated. “It is far more important to have an inclusive annd diverse passenger payload, than to be secure in knowing that suspected terrorists might board an aircraft and kill our social justice-approved clients.”

When asked if expanding the minority share of terror victims truly supported the cause of “Black lives matter,” an unnamed Delta representative said, “Of course Black lives matter, so it’s important that theirs end in vile terrorist attacks just as often as whites die.” Xe added that Delta will be dropping FAA certification requirements for new airframe and avionics technician hires, as the math and reading comprehension skills required for certification disproportionately favor whites.

“It’s more important to have an inclusive workforce than to keep our planes safely in the air.”

Do note the date.

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