“Judicial Process”

Does Wyoming have a recall process for congresscritters? Because Liz Cheney really needs to be gone.

“There was a judi­cial process in place. If you attack the judi­cial process and you attack the rule of law, you aren’t defend­ing the Con­sti­tu­tion. You’re at war with the Con­sti­tu­tion,”

Let me tell you about the “judicial process” in Georgia.

  1. Secretary of Scum Raffensperger signs a consent decree agreeing to violate state law.
  2. People sue before election demanding law be followed. Courts dismiss cases for lack of standing standing because the election hasn’t happened yet, so no one has been hurt yet.
  3. People sue after election. Courts (the same courts) dismiss cases for lack of standing because lawful voters have no right to demand the law be followed.

I might add that the “judicial process” for the 2018 elections allowed people to vote outside of their county of residence, allowed people not registered to vote to cast ballots, and required that absentee ballots from people who didn’t know how to spell the voter’s name or know the voter’s date of birth be accepted.

Then there’s the legislative process. The aforementioned consent decree changed rules for absentee ballot signatures because signature verification is racist or something. So the legislature dropped the signature requirement completely. And now that is racist.

SOS allowed the use of ballot drop boxes in violation of the law. So the legislature changed the law to allow drop boxes. And now that is racist, too.

The legislature also expanded early in-person voting. Turns out that’s also racist because — per Bye-Biden, and everyone ill-informed idiot emulating him — it decreased early in-person voting.

Which brings us back to the judicial process, because lawsuits are already in the works. I sorta hope they succeed…

…and kill drop boxes, bring back sig verification, and decrease early voting.

Holy fucking shit; the world is stupid.

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One thought on ““Judicial Process””

  1. I believe Scott Presler has been on the ground helping conservatives form some battle plans and develop strong candidates to primary Cheney and Adam Kingzinger. So I’d say that could well happen.

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