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There’s a guy in a stand-off with police near here.

One outlet says he’s on the Interstate. Another says he’s on an intersecting highway. News4Jax also says the highway; but their reporting is so bad that I dropped them from my bookmarks more than a year ago.

All three agree that he’s barricaded in a vehicle. One says he’s naked (News4Jax). No photos.

News4Jax also says he deliberately crashed his car (others only say “vehicle”) into a ditch. No one else is mentioning a crash.


Lessee, FCN now says he’s at the truck stop, not the road. BN still says side of the road. News4Jax: still in the ditch.

Ah, FCN has now figured out that the guy is on the highway. But while the other two says this is near a Love’s truck stop, FCN says Pilot, and they’ve dropped any mention of an alleged bomb.

News4Jax still says he’s naked. No one else does.

FCN: “truck”
BN: “vehicle”
News4Jax: “car”

FCN: “vehicle” again, and the stand-off continues at the truck stop
BN: suspect in custody (and note that this report is older than FCN update), and it was on the side of the road
News4Jax: in custody, it was in the ditch, and he was still naked

FCN: now he was naked, and in custody,cops fired two shots
BN: no change the vehicle is now an SUV, and no explosives found, and the cops had offered him underwear
News4Jax: cops fired two “gas cartridges: and tased him,

Added: I figure when all’s said and done, the truth ‘ll turn out to be that a shirtless guy pulled over, got out and told bystanders he stopped because, “Man, I’m so bombed.” In light of the diverging vehicle reports, it’s probably gonna be a motorcycle.

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