“Get A Double-Barrel Shotgun”

Biden may — if he can remember that — regret that advice.

What with Gropin’ Joe and Senator Kneepads both publicly referring to the “Harris administration,” and Biden’s clear mental deterioration, I’ve speculated that the Dems — with it being far too late to replace Biden on the ballots — plan to elect Biden, then as soon as practical use the 25th Amendment to remove him and install Harris as President. But this morning it occurred to me that the Dems have a second barrel.

Given the Cokehunter Biden email dump and the trove of documents from his unclaimed laptops, it’s also pretty damned clear that Daddy has a little corruption problem. Sure, the Dems and their media pets are ignoring it, or calling it Russian disinformation when they can’t ignore it, but it’s there.

Unlike the conspiracy theories about Trump and the Russians, the Hunter Biden story is backed up with documents that third parties are confirming as real. And differing from the “Trump called the military suckers,” backed only with anonymous claims countered by public nonanonymous people saying it isn’t true, the people confirming the Biden emails (and text messages) are doing so publicly. So why are the Dems ignoring it?

Again, it’s too late to replace Biden on the ballots. They have to try to elect him even though he’s a major liability. But Joe handed them a double-barrel shotgun.

The first barrel is the 25th Amendment.

But if Joe changes what’s left of his mind and tries to fight that, Harris et al can suddenly “discover” the Hunter/China/Russia/Burisma corruption scandal is real. Then they can make Joe an offer: Joe, let us 25A you, and go into a quiet retirement, well-funded by your son’s antics, or we support impeachment. You’ll be impeached, you’ll be convicted in the Senate, and then you’ll be indicted by a federal grand jury. Given the evidence your son abandoned — unencrypted, for fuck’s sake — at the computer shop, you’ll be convicted on that. Your retirement to Club Fed will be less lavish, even in a minimum security country club facility.

Or they could offer Biden the chance to patriotically resign, and cut a quiet deal with prosecutors.

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