Bloodsuckers for Tyranny

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Houston Announces Plan to Randomly Knock on Doors to Collect Blood Samples to Better Understand COVID
In the name of fighting COVID-19, Harris County (Texas’s largest county) health officials announced a plan that includes randomly knocking on doors to collect blood samples. “Teams of health workers wearing yellow vests will make their rounds from Nov. 15 through Dec. 15, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.” reports the Houston Chronicle.

That’s utter bullshit. Here is the horrible Houston epidemic they have to get under control.

There might have been some rationale for door-to-door questioning and blood sampling… back in June — 3,767 cases — when ChinCOVID was still increasing. The area peaked on July 1, and has been trending downward since. They’re latest micro-peak was a week ago at 694 cases.

That chart looks so much like Georgia’s that I’d be willing to bet that the recent bump in cases correlates to a bump in testing, which is what happened in Georgia.

I would not participate in that. But if I did, I’d make them draw the blood and ask their questions outside. Do not let snoopy folks from the government into your house. If it’s too dirty for someone’s taste, you could find yourself reported the DCF. If a victim disarmament freak on the team saw a gun, or indications of a gun like a safe or ammunition, they might drop a dime on a call to the cops.

As for the blood itself, be aware that those samples get saved and reused for other research purposes. A few months ago, someone collected old blood samples from a county’s dialysis centers, and tested them for ChinCOVID. Someone might decide this was a great chance to screen for unlawful drug use in the community… and those samples aren’t going to be anonymized.

Heck, the cops could even decide this is a great chance to enlarge their DNA database.

Don’t participate.

ETA: Tell ya what; here’s the conditions under which I would participate:

  1. The testing is done at a community center, not my residence.
  2.  All I give is my street name — not house number — and zip code.
  3.  They give me a control number and phone number I can use from an anonymous line to get my results.
  4. They show me a sworn affidavit that the sample will only be used for antibody testing, and the sample will be destroyed after it is tested.

Now I’ll play.

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  1. “Oops! We accidentally left your personally-identifiable data on a laptop | thumb drive | CD | unpassworded cloud bucket and evil hackerz got it! We’re not going to apologize, but we’ll kick in three months’ free credit checking from Equifax to make you feel better.”

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