I may be able to build my next still openly.

Good news!

Federal court declares federal ban on at-home distilling unconstitutional
The court found that:

  • The federal ban on home distilling exceeds the scope of the federal government’s limited powers.
  • The Constitution’s tax power does not allow the federal government to ban home distilling, largely because the ban does not add money into the federal treasury or protect federal tax revenue.
  • The Constitution’s power to regulate interstate commerce does not allow the federal government to ban home distilling, largely because the ban neither regulates interstate commerce directly nor is it related to any larger regulatory scheme.

I had just read about this case, but didn’t realize the decision was about to drop. This is 5th Circuit, so I’m not necessarily in the clear yet.

For the record, my last still wasn’t on American soil. So suck it up, revenuers.

I don’t usually lead with the END of a story, but…

“OCSD officials did not provide any details regarding what prompted the shooting, according to KCAL.”

I wonder why they shot him. Lessee…

  • He allegedly killed and decapitated his septuagenarian parents.
  • Ditto their chihuahua.
  • He then chased after and attacked a maintenance worker, while covered with blood.
  • Then the cops located the suspect.

I kinda suspect the dude attacked the cops, too.

Any bets on it being the damned chihuahua that tipped him over the edge?

Gropin’ Joe: An Interesting Approach To Diplomatic Relations

Really personal relations.

pResident Dementia had another “gaffe” Tuesday. I just saw it, because the lamestream media obviously wasn’t going to draw it to anyone’s attention.

“I realized, as I was fucking your wife, I personally asked you to extend your service. Forgive me.”

The official White House transcript has been sanitized for Dementia Boy’s protection.

“I realize I — as I was talking to your wife — I personally asked you to extend your service. [Laughs.] Forgive me. [Laughter.] “

But listen for yourself, and tell me what you heard. And look at the SecGen’s expression, and guess what he heard. Note the senile old bastard’s expression, nervous laughter, and apology; and guess what Biden himself realized what he’d said.

I really don’t want Biden to drop out of the race. At this rate, no one is going to believe another 81 million people voted for a dementia patient. But if the Dims can slide in another candidate, the clueless might believe those 3AM ballots drops will be legit.

Astonishingly, that interview was worse than it sounded.

I mentioned pResident Dementia’s radio interview the other day; the one where Gropin’ Joe discovered he’s a transwoman of color.

It was bad enough that he had so much trouble fielding questions in a softball interview, and so thoroughly jumbled his answers as to jumble his genitals. But it’s worse.

Radio Host Who Interviewed Biden: The Questions I Asked Were Given to Me by the White HouseOn Saturday’s broadcast of CNN’s “First of All,” Andrea Lawful-Sanders, who hosts WURD’s “The Source,” and recently interviewed President Joe Biden on the show, said that the questions she asked the President were four that she approved from a list of questions that the White House sent to her.

This wasn’t simply a dementia patient replying off the cuff. This…

It was a telephone interview. With questions prepared in advance by his own puppeteers. Presumably with prepared answers he could read from notes (or a teleprompter). This was about as controlled as you can can get in a live interview.

And Biden still verbally cut his dick off.

Biden’s ABC Interview

I didn’t watch it. I have read some transcripts and watched some clips. Short takeaways:

  • Biden created NATO. Neat trick for… what, a six year-old?
  • Biden expanded NATO when no one thought it could be done. Huh?
  • Biden stopped Putin. Apparently no informed Putin.
  • Biden won’t take a cognitive test.
  • Biden already had a independent medical exam. So release the report.
  • Biden is massively ahead in all the polls.
  • Biden will only drop out of the race if God comes down to Earth and tells him to drop out. As I recall Christian prophecy, elections will be the least of our probs when God returns to Earth.
  • Biden did poorly in the debate because Trump was yelling at him when Trump’s microphone was off.
  • Oh, and because he was tired from all the travel, and the week at Camp David wasn’t enough because he was sick (but not too sick to go to a diner afterwards, or campaign the next day).
  • Nobody can draw crowds like Joe Biden. By which I think he means small crowds that can’t even fill a school gym.

CNN’s Van Jones says Biden was detached from reality. Which anyone at CNN should be an expert on.

All this, of course, is exactly why I do not want Biden to withdraw.

The Past Year??

Anderson Cooper Challenges Ex-Biden Advisor After Political Analyst Says ‘Cognitive Decline’ Present For One Year
“Do, uh, Ashley, I mean, you worked on Biden’s 2020 campaign. You worked in communications for Vice President Harris. The difference between Biden in 2020 debates and this last one is obvious. How can the president reassure people who watched him with pain and fear on that debate stage?” Copper asked.

His implication being that pResident Dementia was fine in 2020, but has declined in the past year.

Watch this from the 2020 campaign, and tell me Xiden was fine then.

The difference between 2020 and 2024 is that he’s much worse.

And I don’t have it bookmarked, but there was a 2020 Biden campaign ad in which he jumbled, slurred, and said the wrong things. And apparently even with multiple takes for a pre-recorded clip, that was the best they could get out of the senile SOB…

…so they just captioned the ad with what he was supposed to be saying.