Walgreens: How exactly does one make that “mistake”?

So Walgreens is developing the nasty habit of injecting nonconsenting people with ChinCOVID pseudo-vaccines when they came in for flu shots. How does that happen?

Here are the vaccine instructions for the Pfizer jab (which is what the family of four got assaulted with. You thaw the vial, mix in normal saline diluent, and draw 0.3 ml doses into syringes.

And here are the instructions for the flu vaccines (several). Short form, depending which you’ve got: Take the single use syringe and administer one 0.5 to 0.7 ml dose per customer.

If you have a multi-dose vial, draw one 0.5 ml does into a syringe per customer.

For the flu vaccines, note the lack of thawing and mixing, and the distinct difference is dosage.

How do you confuse them?

What dosage of the pseudo-vax are these “mistake” victims receiving? Is it the correct 0.3 ml (for adults) of diluted medication? Or are the perpetrators confusing the vials and giving them 0.5 to 0.7 ml of undiluted Pfizer crap?

If the person thinks the folks are in for the Pfizer shot, why are they giving it to four and five year-olds?

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