“things like this happen sometimes” “we all make mistakes”

Not like this, they don’t. When I passed this story to a retired registered nurse, she was shocked and horrified.

Huge Mistake? – Teen Requests Flu Shot, Then Told To Come Back For Her Second Dose: “I Never Gave Consent For The COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Injected Into My Body”
A girl from Scottsdale, Arizona alleged she was slipped a COVID-19 vaccine without her knowledge at a Walgreens in Fresno, California.
“A few days ago I went to Walgreens for a flu shot. I arrived a bit early and filled out the necessary paperwork, signing for the flu shot. As I was being given the shot the nurse said nothing to me other than asking me which arm I would like it in. She gave me the shot and as I was leaving told me to come back for my 2nd dose in 21 days. I stopped in my tracks and asked, “I’m going to need a second dose?” She ensured me that I would. Confused, I continued to walk out and that’s when I looked down at the card she gave me. It said COVID-19 vaccine. I quickly rushed to the counter (my boyfriend and his mom came with me).

“The lady at the counter reassured me saying that I definitely received the flu shot, I was probably just given the wrong card. She talked to the nurse that gave me the shot and confirmed that no, the card wrong. I was given the COVID-19 vaccine instead. They proceeded to say “sorry we are super busy”, “things like this happen sometimes”, and kept repeating “we all make mistakes”. I appreciate the fact that they at least apologized but this is more than just a “little” mistake!”

1. She was injected with something without consent.

2. She was injected with a COVID pseudo-vax. Since I haven’t heard that the approved Cominaty pseudo-vax is fielded yet, she was probably injected with an EUA medication without informed consent.

3. If that nurse was being that casual about assuming people were coming in for a COVID jab — without checking paperworkhow many other people did she she give the wrong medication to??

4. If this happened to more people, what necessary medications did they miss receiving?

Ms. Courtland needs to get an attorney.

Walgreens needs to start offering Ms. Courtland obscene amounts of money to avoid a bankrupting court-ordered settlement.

Walgreens also needs to contact every single person who went to that location for any vaccination, and warn them to double-check their vax cards to be sure of what they were injected with. Odds are, based on Nurse Malpractice, Walgreens is going to need to set up a large fund for many settlements.

Added: Oh, yeah. Shouldn’t even need to mention this but…

The state needs to lift that nurse’s license ASAP. And it needs to open an investigation into that Walgreens’ entire drug dispensing operation. The state should audit everything; matching prescriptions and vaccination requests to what was actually dispensed for everyone who walked into that store.

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3 thoughts on ““things like this happen sometimes” “we all make mistakes””

  1. Glad that wasn’t my kid.

    This, IF TRUE, it would have a VERY Different Ending.

    A Micro Second flash of light for the Guilty and a massive conflagration of the Brick and Mortar.

    Some “MISTAKES,” can’t be fixed, apologized for or Accepted.
    Only, PUNISHED.

    1. To some extent, I could understand a mistake. Mistakes do happen. What pissed me off was the store and nurse blowing it off as no big deal. The nurse’s immediate reaction should have been “Oh my god! I’m sorry. Do you have any known medical conditions this could affect? Are you experiencing any odd reactions?”

      Nope. Just, “Shit happens.”

  2. It seems like it might be a wise course of action to avoid getting any sort of injection if possible, and to ask to see just what the hell you’re being jabbed with – before you’re jabbed – if you can’t avoid it.

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