Doesn’t Look Good For CDC Pseudo-Vax Numbers

You may recall that some six months ago, barely over half of NIAID, FDA, and CDC employees would get the ChinCOVID pseudo-vax jabs (even though they’re just fine with us getting stuck). Months later, a a feddie employee pseudo-vax mandate, and the chance to set a “fine” example”…

As Biden Mandates Vaccines, CDC Director Walensky Stumbles When Asked How Many CDC Employees Are Vaccinated
“What percent of CDC employees are vaccinated?” Rep. Cassidy asked.

“We’re actively encouraging vaccination on all of our employees and doing a lot of education and outreach in order to get our agency fully vaccinated,’ she said, completely dodging the question.

“And the — but the percent?” he asked.

“I don’t have that for you today,” she admitted.

How odd. What with the mandate, and the hearing subject, you’d think she’d have the number sitting right there.


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One thought on “Doesn’t Look Good For CDC Pseudo-Vax Numbers”

  1. The British government was considering making vaccination compulsory for all NHS workers. An appreciable fraction of the NHS management objected on the grounds that they would then be short-staffed when the refuseniks were sacked.

    So the deadline for vaccination has been deferred until the Spring, by which time I suspect the matter will be allowed to drop without too much loss of face.

    Although our government is not much cop at least it doesn’t consist of a lot of left-fascists badgering a demented old crook.

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