Tell me more about how effective the ChinCOVID pseudovax is.

‘Cuz the math doesn’t seem to add up, Hotez.

Dr. Hotez: ‘150,000 Unvaccinated Americans Needlessly Lost Their Lives Because They Were Defiant’
Center for Vaccine Development director Dr. Peter Hotez said Monday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that since COVID-19 vaccines have been available, “150,000 unvaccinated Americans needlessly lost their lives because they were defiant.”

Lessee, the first pseudo-vax became available in December 2020. At that time some 370,000 deaths were attributed to COVID.

Since the pseudo-vax has been available, another 429,000+/- have died. But if only 150,000 were us unwashed, ignorant anti-pseudo-vaxxers, then that implies the other 279,000 dead were enlightened vaxxed.


Un”vaxxed: 150K/429K = 34.9%
“Vaxxed: 279K/429K = 65%

Given those numbers, I think I’ll just go on being “defiant.”


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2 thoughts on “Tell me more about how effective the ChinCOVID pseudovax is.”

    1. That doesn’t exactly help his case either. The raw numbers might seem to so indicate, but there’s a problem.

      Since June 1, 187,276 are listed as dying of ChinCOVID. But he has cherry-picked the very timeframe in which the FDA, CDC, and Pfizer all say pseudo-vax efficacy has waned to the point of boosters being needed.

      What states will say how many deaths were vaxxed v. unvaxxed ranges from 15-40% of deaths being “vaxxed.” Unless Hotez will cite specific numbers to back his claim, I find it unlikely — though possible — that he is correct. (You should also consider the new definition of “vaccinated” as applying only to SARS-CoV-2; someone who has had both jabs and is 13 days past the second still gets counted as unvaxxed. Note that I’m not even addressing the fluid way in which a third booster jab is sometimes needed to count as vaxxed.)

      Funny thing. If I start getting COVID jabs, it takes a month to be counted as vaxxed. But when I had my accident, I received a tetanus booster… because that vax is considered almost immediately effective in combating an infection I might have picked up in the accident. Ditto rabies jabs.

      COVID? Not so much.

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