Want To Waste Some Money? The McMichaels Have A Fundraiser.

reg and Travis McMichael, the father/son team that chased down Ahmaud Arbery, in a truck, and killed him, have a GiveSendGo fundraiser. I am aware that a certain group of people believe they are innocent. But every single one I have engaged has shown themselves to be ignorant of Georgia use of force and “citizen arrest” laws, as well as standard judicial procedure.

Give if you wish, but know that it’s a waster of your money because they are guilty. Keep these points in mind.

1. The McMichaels did not claim to be making a citizen’s arrest until months after the fact, after a corrupt prosecutor made the claim for them as he recused himself from the case (for pro-defendant conflict of interest, the second prosecutor to do so).

2. Georgia citizen arrest law, as it existed at the time, did not allow a citizen’s arrest on suspicion, which is the only cause that the McMichaels cited. The law required specific personal knowledge of a crime.

3. Georgia self defense law does not protect a person who instigated an incident. It does not protect an instigator who shotguns an unarmed person.

4. The “numerous items that could not be used during the trial” were Arbery’s past history. The judge properly refused to let them present it because the McMichaels stated that they did not know who Arbery was at the time of the incident; therefore they were unaware of Arbery’s history, and it had ZERO bearing on their thoughts and actions during the incident.

5. The McMichaels never chased down and killed the numerous white people who were video recorded doing the exact same thing that the McMichaels claimed raised their suspicion of Arbery.

Anyone who chooses to lawfully carry a defensive firearm in Georgia should be aware of these things. Greg McMichael, as a former POST-certified law enforcement officer (though he managed to lose his certification twice) absolutely should have known them.

Several McMichael supporters claim Arbery attacked Travis McMichael. I can only assume they never watched the entire Bryan video which clearly shows Arbery attempting to evade and McMichael moving the re-intercept.

The McMichaels have claimed they chased Arbery only because they wanted to “talk” to him. Georgia law does not permit private citizens to shotgun people simply because they don’t want to talk.

So go ahead. Waste your money.

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