Hey, I Used To Work There

At Central CI.

Georgia prisons bust: Authorities seize 1K contraband items, including weapons and meth

The GDC conducted five full-facility shakedowns last week as part of efforts to eliminate “dangerous” contraband from Georgia’s prisons, the department said in a press release on Friday.

Coastal, Central, Dooly, Lee and Valdosta state prisons all underwent the unannounced shakedowns.

I used to find minor stuff all the time, during my late night walk throughs. The lieutenant didn’t even want me to call it in, unless I found weapons or other serious crap. I do seem to remember another CO catching an inmate with a whole ham. And they were always trying to bring in yeast rolls and fruit.


According to the GDC, 647 weapons, 210 cell phones and 241 cell phone chargers were confiscated.

I think they missed 31 more cell phones.


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