I’m So Old, I Remember When Dim-ocrats Thought Bussing Was A Good Thing

Funny how that changes when it means “undesirables” getting dumped on them.

Is bussing migrants ethical? New Yorkers weigh in
People in New York sounded off on Republican governors bussing illegal immigrants across the country, with some calling it a crime against humanity while others criticized left-wing outrage.

“I think that’s a crime,” Jackson told Fox News. “They’re in your state, deal with them in your state don’t send them here.”

“In an effort to address the ongoing de facto segregation in schools, the 1971 Supreme Court decision, Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, ruled that the federal courts could use busing as a further integration tool to achieve racial balance.”

Abbott, DeSantis, et al. are just trying to equitably balance the distribution of illegals. Why’s that suddenly bad?


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