As If Poor Impulse Control Isn’t Enough Of A Problem On Twitter

Think it, post it; automatically. What could possibly go wrong?

Brain implant thinner than a single human hair could allow you to use social media with your MIND
Scientists have developed a brain implant that is thinner than a human hair and would allow you to use social media with your mind.

The highly experimental chip is designed for paralyzed or mute patients people with paralysis who cannot use their limbs to communicate via a computer.

But it could also allow healthy people to use social media with the power of their mind alone.

This fad for brain implant computer interfacing baffles me. You’ve got to wonder if people, who feel the need to rush out and replace their smart phones with the latest model, really want to keep getting brain surgery to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

Then there’s spam going straight to the brain.

And hackers.

Or feds.



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