War Stories

Tam speaks of “war stories” whilst reviewing Bloodsport.

The movie is based on the BS war stories and drunken fabulations of noted Bullshido master Frank Dux, whose claims include winning a Medal of Honor while participating in super secret missions as a USMC reservist in the early Eighties, in between occasionally competing in apocryphal underground death matches like the one in the movie, or the ones Pam from Archer fought in to pay for college.
Not back then, though! The world was full of Frank Duxes! Any Army-Navy store of any size had a handful of regulars who spun tall tales at the cyclic rate with a glorious disregard for plausibility. While only a few hundred SEALs served in Vietnam, every neighborhood gun store had at least three or four of them.

My “war” was Gulf War Part One. On the very rare occasion I’m asked what I did:

I was a REMF manning a HARM navigation beacon.

Hell, during the deployment, that’s what I told folks to discouraged brass from visiting us. Once they worked out what it meant, it worked.

Tam’s assessment of Bloodsport is spot on, too. Stupid, but fun.


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2 thoughts on “War Stories”

  1. I feel blessed enough to have grown up around real heroes from WWII. They didn’t have to tell lies. Even knew a couple of WWI vets that had been there and done that in the trenches.

    1. My grandfather was in the Battle of the Somme. Didn’t talk much about it.

      Two uncles in WW2… rarely talked about anything, but Chuck’s physical and mental scars were there. Bob’s service continued through Vietnam, and he never said jack… but he was — apparently — a spook.

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