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She’s got a bone to peck! Woman rushed to hospital after 2inch chicken bone gets stuck in her butt
A 51-year-old woman has been rushed to hospital after getting a chicken bone stuck in her bottom.

The unnamed individual from Kuwait, the Middle East, tended to swallow her food quickly rather than chewing because she has lost her upper teeth.

There was no choking or stomach pain after ingesting the two-inch long bone, but later it became wedged in her backside.

Doctors successfully removed the bone by applying gel to numb the area before applying A slight force. The patient has been advised to chew her food.

So this woman, with no upper teeth, gnawed a chicken breast and broke off a checkmark-shaped part of the bird’s clavicle. The bone made it down her throat, through her stomach, and past the small and large intestines without difficulty. But then somehow got stuck sticking out of her ass, requiring nothing more than some lube and a gentle tug to dislodge it.

Actually, there are a couple of possibilities, but I doubt the bone took a scenic tour of her alimentary canal.


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