New Superconductivity Claim

This has been getting a lot of chatter for the past couple of days; room temperature superconductivity. Here’s a glowing report.

Scientists discover superconducting material that could bring total revolution in energy and electronics
Researchers say they have created a superconducting material that works at both a temperature and a pressure low enough to actually use it in practical situations.

Others are more dubious of the claim. Dias claimed an earlier breakthrough — cold, but noncryogenic superconductivity — that was lacking in critical details, and which no one else was able to replicate; think cold fusion. That paper got retracted. Apparently some folks even muttered “fraud,” but without personal knowledge, I’d be willing to blame wishful thinking/confirmation bias.

If this is real, it’s big deal. In terms of superconductor theory. But not for practical applications.

To make a tiny speck of this material required pressure of 2 gigapascals — nearly 20,000 times atmospheric pressure — in a diamond vise, and holding it there, while baking it at 200 degrees Celsius, for three days. That manufacturing process is not going to lead to a superconducting power grid. It would hard pressed (no pun intended) to supply material for a computer chip; and such a one-off (no mass production) chip would cost millions.

No new gaming console for you.

If real, with this method, this is barely more than science fiction. But I’ll wait to see if anyone else can replicate it.


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One thought on “New Superconductivity Claim”

  1. I been listening to this BS/stuff most…of my life. Much Better than 50yrs.

    It’s been played with since 1911.
    I’ve yet to see the product for sale or in Practical Use.

    The 1911 was created, perfected, used in war, tuned for competition, retired, brought back…….I can buy them all.

    Me Thinks this is 1200$ screwdrivers and 10,000$ toilet seats for MIL aircraft.
    There weren’t any, it was Black Budget Money Redirection. IE….THEFT.

    I wonder how much they have stolen from the American Tax..PAYER!! …To redirect.

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