And this is how they fix the problem of “vaccines” that don’t work

By now, my regulars readers, who tend to keep themselves informed, know about the little problem with “vaccinated” people testing positive for ChinCOVID. The CDC has a fix for that.

Clinical specimens for sequencing should have an RT-PCR Ct value ≤ 28.

That’s a big deal. And it’s dishonest as hell. Allow me to explain.

The Ct value is the number of times you have to amplify a sample before you finally detect viral RNA. The CDC’s standard for testing for ChinCOVID was Ct 40. That’s multiplying the sample billions of times. It isn’t just going to detect RNA, it’s going to pick up dead fragments of RNA (exactly the sort of thing your body is going to have if you got exposed to the virus but your immune system did it’s job and destroyed it without you ever getting sick). In studies, no one was ever able to culture a live virus from a sample that was positive at Ct 35+.

I had predicted that the By-Biden Harris administration would solve the ChinCOVID “crisis” by recommending a lower Ct.

Sure enoughon Inauguration Day — the WHO and CDC recommended testing to Ct 30. (20-25 would actually be more reasonable, according to many virologists.)

But “vaccinated” people keep testing “positive,” which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in unapproved* “vaccines.” They need a way to make it look like the shit works. So, while us unvaccinated shlubs still get tested at the far more false-positive-prone Ct 30 or more, the “vaccinated” sheeple will get tested at Ct 28 or less. Far less sensitive.

Viola! “Vaccinated” people stop getting ChinCOVID.

* Show of hands: How many of you noticed that these vaccines that they’re oh-so-positive are very safe and effective…

…still are not approved? Not a single one of them.

This is the largest experimental drug trial in human history. And aside from West Virginia (offering a hundred bucks to young people) and New Jersey (free beer), no one is being compensated for their participation. Hell, people are being charged for the”vaccines.”

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