Ah, cronyism

Chattanooga COVID-19 vaccine administrators gave doses to close contacts hours after qualified citizens were turned away
Hamilton County officials say miscalculations led to late-evening vaccinations in the Tennessee Riverpark in Chattanooga on New Year’s Eve, long after people were turned away and told there were no more vaccines available.

There was a huge turnout, with long lines of cars waiting to access the park and many people being turned away.

According to WRCB, they acted on a tip and returned to Riverpark after dark to find cars leaving the property. The people in those vehicles told WRCB family members or friends who were helping to administer the vaccines called to tell them there were extra doses and they should come to receive a dose.

From what I’m hearing, they could come down here and get “vaccinated.” Rumor has it they’re having trouble giving it away in my county.

Understandable. Why would I get an experimental “vaccine” that 1) won’t confer immunity per Fauci, 2) has a very high rate of “Health Impact Events,” and 3) the IFR for my age group is only 0.010?

I don’t need it. Fauci says it doesn’t work. And it’s dangerous per the CDC.


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