Apparently This Was The First Time These Researchers Ever Met Heterosexual Men

I don’t see a funding citation, but I’m guessing this was your tax dollars at work. Or play. Or… whatever.

Heterosexual Men Act Differently Around Women With Visibly Erect Nipples, Study Indicates
As before, the heterosexual men were asked to rate pictures of women with and without nipple erections, as well as being asked a range of questions designed to test their change in attitudes, such as whether they would lend her $100, help her if her car was broken down, or provide tutoring sessions. The male group, it transpired, was much more likely to help the women with erect nipples, particularly when that help would require them to be in close proximity to the woman with erect nipples.

I don’t know about researcher Rebecca Burch, but if David Widman is not exclusively gay, I’ll be surprised.

Us straight, adult men already knew this. Part of growing up is learning to think with our top heads, and not that easily distracted lower one.


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