Not To Give Anyone Ideas, But…

Have these folks considered what could potentially happen when they deprive people of even the option of legal channels to resolve grievances?

Clinton-Appointed Judge Maxine Chesney Accused of Trying To Silence The Movement To Expose CPS
According to Andrea Wood, Maxine Chesney wrongfully labeled Wood a “vexatious litigant” without a trial or a hearing, claiming that Wood filed a frivolous lawsuit against Contra Costa County in California after the CPS agency there seized Wood’s children. Wood has appealed Chesney’s ruling, and said that Chesney is trying to silence her.

I don’t know the specifics of Wood’s case. Maybe she is “vexatious” (and sorry folks, but a video of indeterminate length is not the best source; gimme court filings). But hers would not be the first — or second, or third, or fourth… …or 100th — case I’ve heard of in which a biased judge used “procedural issues” to kill inconvenient cases.

Consider the 2020 classic: “The election hasn’t happened, so you haven’t been injured yet; no standing for you!” Followed by (from the same judge) “The election is over; dismissed for mootness!”

See, that way no one even has to look at evidence.


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One thought on “Not To Give Anyone Ideas, But…”

  1. This is called “lawfare”. Where the criminals in power use the “legal” system (sic) as a weapon against anyone that opposes them or their agenda. We don’t have a “Justice system” in America. We have a “legal system”. One that is owned and controlled by rich and powerful interests.

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