Tempted Fate

Just yesterday, writing about the Biden emails found on a hard drive by a computer tech, I said, “And this is why I do my own computer repairs.”


Last night I was watching streaming TV, and Firefox started acting up. Didn’t think too much about it, but I turned off the TV and went back to a book.

This morning, all programs started crashing. I immediately decided to start making another set of backups just in case. While doing the last part, the computer froze solid.

Spent too much time on Cheerful Charlie wishful thinking-type troubleshooting, but finally was forced to admit the hard drive was gone. It won’t work even in another computer.

What with all the backups I do routinely, and what I managed this morning, I lost almost nothing. And nothing at all critical. Restored all my data to a backup laptop, which is actually an upgrade (which is another computer scrounge and repair story in itself). And I’m back to work.

Said work being convincing TTAG that yes, I did give them seven columns last month, and yes, they did publish them, so yes, I should be paid for them. You can see them all for yourself.

Actually I sent eight, but one they held until October.

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