Let’s play “Find The School Shooting”

I used to play this occasionally at The Zelman Partisans. The idea is to go through Everytown’s list of “school” shootings, and see what might actually be a school shooting. To pad the numbers Everytown will include stuff involving non-students on school grounds in the middle of the night, college frat parties, anything near a school whether or not it had anything to do with the school, “somebody thought they heard shots near a school, and — on one occasion — a “shooting” that I could find no record of anywhere. But of course when they talk about shootings, they want you to think of liitle boys and girls gunned down in elementary and high schools.

Back then, they didn’t include links for their sources, but I see they do now. That will make things easier.

So let’s go! I’m going to look at the ten most recent.

Ten “shootings.” Five, maybe even just four, were what normal people think of when they hear “school shooting.” 50% accuracy rate. Last time I played their rate was 55%. And the time before that, it was 57.1%.

Everytown is actually getting worse every time I check.

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