Microstamping in New Jersey

I mentioned NJ Gov. Murphy’s plan to ban .50 caliber firearms a while back, but he actually has several bills he’s pushing. Let’s touch upon S 112, Requires newly manufactured handguns to be micro-stamped; establishes handgun database.

They’re playing the cars vs. guns analogy. Again.

License plates for ammunition

Murphy also touted technology allowing manufacturers to etch tiny characters in handguns that note the make, model and serial number. When a bullet is fired, that information should imprint onto the bullet’s cartridge case.

Proponents say it’s akin to adding license plates to ammunition, which could make it easier for law enforcement to match crime scene evidence with specific guns.

You know… Let’s roll with that. New Jersey has a growing problem with fatal automobile accidents; accidents and fatalies keep going up. Almost as high as gun homicides. And this suggests that hot & run accidents are fairly common.

So microstamp cars, which could make it easier for law enforcement to match crime scene evidence with specific guns cars. Build the front and rear bumpers from tool steel, and laser etch them with make, model, and VIN of the vehicle. When they hit someone or something, the impact will stamp identifying data on the victim, leading police straight to the registered crime gun… er, vehicle.

Sure, heavy tool steel bumpers will increase vehicle prices and reduce mileage, not to mention making crashes more damaging and more lethal, but that’s a small price in comparison with ending hit & runs forever.

(Note for the terminally clueless: Sarcasm.)

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