I’m going to start calling this the “psychostructure plan.”

It reflects the psychosis of the planners, and “psyche” in that it’s really an attempt to mentally reprogram the country.

Host Laughs as Pete Buttigieg Predicts 30 Senate Republicans May Vote for ‘Infrastructure’ Plan
“We’re seeing this weird law of political physics that something that is wildly popular among the American people on both sides of the aisle can’t always get that same support in Washington,” he said.
“How much of this can Republicans vote for? That’s what we’re working through right now,” he said. “But I’ve got to believe there’s 10 votes or 20 or 30.”

“Thirty,” host Kara Swisher said in disbelief. “Thirty?” she continued with a laugh.

Dude, the New York Times is laughing at your cracy commie ass. Take your meds and face reality.

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