A few days ago, Vin Suprinowicz wondered

What if it wasn’t incompetence? What if it was . . . treason?
Thanks to Joe Biden, it appears the Open-Borders globalists will now see one of their big dreams come true – 100,000 Afghans, many of them military-age males taught by “Sharia law” that women should be slaves and should never be allowed to learn to read, who firmly believe U.S. taxpayers should support them and provide them with free whores while they plan which of our major cities or landmarks to blow up next – will now be airlifted out of Kabul AHEAD OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS TRAPPED THERE, and promptly air-dropped into Middle America WITHOUT BEING VETTED FOR ANTI-AMERICAN SENTIMENTS, OR EVEN CHECKED FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASE!

When it comes to most politicians, I usually find it easier to attribute horrific decisions to stupidity and incompetence, rather than evil. Folks like Schumer being exceptions to that, naturally. And Biden clearly is senile.

But today…

1. BREAKING: US Military Has Started Withdrawing From Afghanistan – Biden Turns His Back on Thousands of Americans Stranded Behind Enemy Lines

2. NEW: US Embassy Issues Last Alert For US Citizens to Leave Afghanistan Or They’re on Their Own – Then Recalls it 30 Minutes Later

OK, we might still be in the incompetent senility range, but then there was this:

3. DNC: “President Biden Defies Expectations (AGAIN), Delivers Results in Afghanistan”

It’s the last that says he did exactly what was wanted. The DNC is congratulating him on a job well done in abandoning citizens, and turning over hundreds of thousands of weapons to terrorists. As for the latter, consider Vin’s point.

“Given that all the electronic systems on those aircraft are presumably fully functional — IFF, targeting systems, electronic countermeasures, terrain radar, look-down-shoot-down — what’s their current cash value to China, Russia, or Iran?

Back in my mil days, even when we weren’t expecting to be overrun, or have to abandon gear, we still had contigencies already set up so that we could destroy or demil stuff quickly. It was normal, standard: Sledge hammer? Check. Burn barrel? Check. Pliers to yank those channel elements? Check.

Demilling gear was understood. Usually. One time, a unit did a big radio network upgrade, and turned their old handheld radios over to DRMO. But the guy running it had never done that before. He hadn’t pulled the channel units, meaning whoever bought those at auction would know a lot of freqs and exactly who is using. Myself and an airman zipped over to DRMO, found the radios, and spent the afternoon demilling dozens of units.

But no one thought of that when pulling out of Afghanistan?

And the DNC thinks that’s wonderful?

Added: Crap. Now add in this.

Psaki Says Civilian Evacuations From Afghanistan will Stop Before August 31 to Wind Down Military Presence
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday confirmed that Joe Biden will stop evacuating Americans before August 31 to wind down military presence.

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