Fulton County Fraud

Remember the alarm that went off at the ballot storage facility in Fulton County, Georgia? The story gets better worse.

BREAKING GA AUDIT UPDATE: Fulton County Sheriff Security Detail Left Ballot Warehouse Against Court Order – 20 Minutes Later Alarm Went Off, Door Found Ajar
“Fulton County had been ordered by Judge Amero to guard the facility 24/7.

“Two Fulton County Sheriff vehicles had been securing the building since May 25th when Judge Amero ordered the facility guarded. Yesterday at 4pm, the two Sheriff cars left the parking lot for two hours. Twenty minutes after the cars left the premises, the security alarm went off. The private security detail heard the alarm and investigated, finding the door unlocked and the building unattended.

No one else responded to the alarm. Either they did this purposefully or the alarm system is not monitored. The off-duty officers walked in the building and did not see any further damage or personnel. At 8pm, a Fulton County employee finally came to lock the door.”

The “off-duty” officers mentioned were private security hired by the plaintiff’s attorney because he — clearly justifiably — didn’t trust the county to provide proper court ordered security.

So first the county got the private security run off the property to where they couldn’t maintain as good a watch.

Then the court-ordered county security — both cars, at the same time — left

And finally, a mere 20 minutes after the deputies’ departure, the alarm went off.

Try to convince me that Fulton County didn’t do this deliberately.

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