Someone Missed The Memo

A comment was posted on one of my columns at The Zelman Partisans. Whooo boy. It ended with this line.

Thanks to JPFO for your efforts to educate the voters.


I can assure Nay that I have had nothing to do with JPFO since that 2A quisling and marketeer Gottlieb took it over.

I think that most of us associated with The Zelman Partisans think about the same way as I.

Aaron founded JPFO in 1989 to be a hardcore, educational, predominantly Jewish voice for the right to keep and bear arms. JPFO also often expressed Aaron’s own creatively quirky voice. After he died in December of 2010, his organization stumbled and nearly went under. Although it eventually began to come back strong under new leadership, in 2014 its board made a secret deal to sell JPFO off to the The Second Amendment Foundation, whose philosophy and style are the opposite of Aaron’s.

The Zelman Partisans is our first response. Most of The Zelman Partisans were connected in some way to JPFO during Aaron’s lifetime. We will not let Aaron’s philosophy — the philosophy to which we are all also committed — be watered down, betrayed, or “disappeared.” We will stand by it and carry it unswervingly into the future.


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